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Manga Sexual Innuendo – Part 5


Sometimes, when you’re a superhero, even if you win a fight, you still lose.

Talk about your Pyrrhic victory. :(

I feel for you, Athena, I really do. 😦

Today’s Pyrrhic victory has been brought to you by Keep Your Hands Off My Daughter! Mother/Daughter Heroine Fight (ウチのムスメに手を出すな!-母娘ヒロイン奮闘す-/Uchi no Musume ni te o dasu na! Oyako hiroin funtou su) – Volume 1 (March 23, 2015) by Nozomu Tamaki.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 37


One of these things is not like the others.

Maybe Fredric Wertham was on to something after all...

Maybe Fredric Wertham was on to something after all…

Today’s slip of the tongue comes to you from the pages of Justice League of America #44 (May 1966) by Gardner F. Fox, Mike Sekowsky, and Frank Giacoia.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 36


You know, it never really occurred to how…inappropriate…superhero and supervillain battles could be until just now.

HEY! I'll have you know that Miley Cyrus is known to wear way less than that! :P

HEY! I’ll have you know that Miley Cyrus is known to wear way less than that! ^_^;

Today’s kinky costume time has been brought to you by The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (June 2014) by Joe Caramagna, Peter David, Christos Gage, Dan Slott, Charles Soule, Chris Yost, David Baldeon, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Chris Eliopoulos, Marte Gracia, Joe Madureira, Marcos Martin, Ed McGuinness, Pop Mhan, Jerome Opeña, Humberto Ramos, Jaview Rodriguez, Alex Ross, Will Sliney, Skottie Young, John Dell, Alvaro Lopez, Victor Olazaba, Ramón Pérez, Cam Smith, and Jordi Tarragona.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 35


To be fair, Egon Spengler is capable of accomplishing more lying on his back that most people are when standing upright.

Dude, he's lying down on the job, not getting laid on the job. ;)

Dude, he’s lying down on the job, not getting laid on the job. 😉

This cheeky comment has been to you by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #1 (October 2014) by Erik Burnham, Tom Waltz, Dan Schoening, Cory Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 34


How far would you go for justice? :O

Well, at least they let her keep the mask...

Well, at least they let her keep the mask.

Today’s cover-free undercover operation has been brought to you by Batman Confidential #18 (August 2008) by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 33


There’s never been a more unwelcome or ill-placed caption box than the one I’m about to show you today.



Today’s shameless tease can be blamed on World’s Finest Comics #253 (November 1978) by E. Nelson Bridwell, Gerry Conway, Steve Ditko, Bob Haney, Jim Aparo, Don Newton, Kurt Schaffenberger, Trevor Von Eeden, Frank Chiaramonte, and Vince Colletta.

Manga Sexual Innuendo – Part 3


If you’re an amateur female doujinshi artist who’s new to creating pornographic material, the manner in which your male readers choose to admire your work is perhaps best left to the imagination.

I'm not sure how it could get any worse, actually...

Someone’s evidently not a fan of artistic license.

Today’s graphic imagery has been presented to you by Doujin Work (ドージンワーク/Doujin Waaku) – Volume 3 (April 11, 2007) by Hiroyuki.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 32


Sexual frustration has two names. And they are Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Dude, you're aware hat there's such a thing as porn, right?

Dude, you’re aware that there’s such a thing as porn, right?

This glimpse into the sex lives of geriatric super parents has been brought to you by Elsewords 80-Page Giant #1 (August 1999) by Kyle Baker, Bronwyn Carlton, Chuck Dizon, Elizabeth Glass, Bob Haney, D. Curtis Johnson, Tom Peyer, Mark Waid, Kieron Dwyer, Trevor Von Eeden, Aaron Lopresti, Greg Luzniak, Ariel Olivetti, Ty Templeton, Enrique Villagran, Anibal Rodriguez, and Joe Rubinstein.

Subliminally Yours – Part 7: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Remember the old urban legend about a female toon experiencing a wardrobe malfunction in the film? Well, guess what, folks? It’s 100% true. But here’s the funny thing: it has absolutely nothing to do with Jessica Rabbit flashing her firecrotch. Oh, no. The incident in question actually involves Betty Boop.

Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.

Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.

Needless to say, when the above nipple slip, which was inserted by some mischievous animators as a joke, was discovered, it was quickly removed by Disney. The only reason the footage survives in uncensored form today is because some early domestic and certain contemporary foreign language versions of the movie, both broadcast and home video releases, inadvertently omitted the omission.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 31


Ever experienced one of those moments where a comic book’s title captured the essence of its contents perfectly?

Please don't tell me that that's a fancy way of saying you're a bottom... >_<

Please don’t tell me that that’s a fancy way of saying you’re a bottom… >_<

This WTF moment has been brought to you by What The–? #3 (October 1988) by Kurt Busiek, Peter David, Sholly Fisch, Fred Hembeck, Glenn Herdling, Richard Howell, Kyle Baker, James Fry, Todd McFarlane, Alex Saviuk, Mark Siry, Hector Collazo, Bob McLeod, and Joe Sinnott.

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