Nitpicking 101 – The Unidirectional Sexism of Intergender Choking


I generally try and avoid political commentary on this blog, but this is one of those rare occasions so facepalm-worthy that I feel the need to break that tradition.

A few days ago, Rose McGowan and the political correctness brigade began raising a stink about a billboard advertising the recently released movie X-Men: Apocalypse, where the eponymous villain is seen strangling Mystique.

"Rambling Reporter" indeed.

“Rambling Reporter” indeed.

The inevitable result of this brouhaha, following amplification by an enablist mainstream media whose representatives had nothing better to do that day, was a swift apology by 20th Century Fox and appeasement of the lunatic moralist pounding on their proverbial door.

Maybe Magneto was right about the human race. :/

Maybe Magneto was right about the human race.:/

So, what can we learn from all this? Well, ignoring the fact that choking has a fine tradition of usage by movie villains to illustrate just how gosh darn evil they are…

Don't think of it as "choking"; think of it as "throat hugging".

Don’t think of it as “choking”; think of it as “throat hugging”.

…the take home lesson from all this is whether or not intergender choking is sexist and promotes or normalizes gendered violence is entirely dependent upon the sexes of the choker and the chokee. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Simple.

And this isn't even all of them.

And this isn’t even all of them.

Mystique’s been choking male victims with her hands, feet, and legs in X-Men movies for 16 years now, and no one’s ever complained about that. Hell, the power dynamic’s even the same in both situations, as Mystique’s as far above ordinary humans as Apocalypse is above her.

The critics are right about one thing, though: someone is being sexist here.

It just doesn’t happen to be the people they think.

Flowers, Chocolate, and the Apocalypse


For everyone else reading this that’s alone this Valentine’s Day like me…this one’s for you.😛

Being alone on Valentine's Day isn't the end of the world...oh, wait. :(

Being alone on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world…oh, wait.😦

This public service message has been brought to you by Ghostbusters II (1989).

It Came From The Toy Chest – Part 7


You know the Law of the Toy Chest: Two girls enter, one girl leaves.😛


ファイト! ファイト! ファイト!

Today’s models are Figma Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura) by Max Factory and Sailor Chibi Moon by S.H. Figurarts.

Monkey Business As Usual


When your parents run in some of the weirder circles of the DC Universe, it takes a lot to faze you…even as a kid.

Man, kids just get cynical and jaded at younger and younger ages these days.

Man, kids just get cynical and jaded at younger and younger ages these days.

Today’s fateful encounter has been brought to you by Angel and the Ape #1 (March 1991) by Phil Foglio and Keith Wilson. Happy Year of the Monkey everyone!:)

Harley Quinn: Best Geek Girlfriend Ever?


Y’know, as much of a nightmare as it would be dealing with her ex-boyfriend and the fact that she was psychotically insane at one point, there’re some occasions when I think that having Harleen Quinzel as a significant other might be a lot of fun for a fanboy like me.

Looks like Harley Quinn's gone from being unsettling Britney Spears Crazy to the more enjoyable Drew Barrymore Crazy.

Looks like Harley Quinn’s gone from being unsettling Britney Spears Crazy to the more enjoyable Drew Barrymore Crazy.

And with this excerpt from Gotham City Sirens #11 (July 2010) by Paul Dini, Andres Guinaldo, and Raul Fernandez, another year of blogging at The Raging Fanboy draws to a close. See you all in 2016, everyone! I’ll definitely try adding more interesting articles to the mix and keep my update schedule less erratic. Hope you’ll all continue following me and encouraging others to do the same. Take care, and see you all next year!:)

Sleigh Driving Under The Influence


There’re some things you just don’t want to hear from the guy responsible for guiding eight flying reindeer across international airspace and multiple time zones.

Man, someone's been hitting the eggnog a little too hard this year.

Man, someone’s been hitting the eggnog a little too hard this year.

This not-so-sobering thought has been brought to you by The Last Christmas #2 (June 2006) by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 46


Another day, another comic book knockout. Literally! It’s the supervillainess Knockout, as drawn by one of her creators, Tom Grummett.


Supereconomics – Part 9


Supervillians have their own unique way of protesting bank charges.

Oh, admit it: If you could, you'd do the exact same thing. :P

Don’t think of it as a bank robbery; think of it as “accelerated depreciation”.😛

Today’s investment advice has been sponsored by Empowered Special #7: Pew Pew Pew! (November 2015) by Adam Warren.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 45


‘Tis the season for good girls! And what better way to celebrate than with Sister Shannon Masters, a.k.a. Warrior Nun Areala, by Michel Lacombe?:)


Supereconomics – Part 8


In Gotham City, you don’t need to be a criminal to be a thief.

What? No supervillain rebate specials? :(

What? No supervillain rebate specials?😦

Today’s price gouge has been brought to you by Gotham City Sirens #5 (December 2009) by Paul Dini and Guillem March.


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