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Crowning Moments of Awesome – Part 3: Superman


“For the contingent out there who sneer at heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman and Captain America, those icons who still, at their core, represent selfless sacrifice for the greater good, and who justify their contempt by saying, oh, it’s so unrealistic, no one would ever be so noble… grow up. Seriously. Cynicism is not maturity, do not mistake the one for the other. If you truly cannot accept a story where someone does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, that says far more about who you are than these characters.” – Greg Rucka

Given what happens in the movie Man of Steel, I think it’s time that someone reminded the world about why Superman doesn’t kill and making him grim and gritty is probably the greatest betrayal of everything the character’s come to stand for over the past 75 years. And I know of no better way to do that than the following scene from Action Comics #775 (March 2001) by Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, Lee Bermejo, Tom Nguyen, Dexter Vines, Jim Royal, Jose Marzan, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Wayne Faucher.


Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 11


Mojo Jojo better be careful with the soap.

I think that's the smell of a monkey crapping himself, actually... ^_^;

I think that’s the smell of a monkey crapping himself, actually… ^_^;

This uncomfortable moment has been brought to you by The Powerpuff Girls – Episode 22: Imaginary Friend/Cootie Gras (March 17, 2000).

Strange Moments in Video Gaming – Part 8


Go home, Atlus and CAVE Co. Ltd. Your lawyers are drunk.



Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 10


In the Cow and Chicken Universe, “carpet-munching biker butch” doesn’t mean what you think it means…

Well...that was subtle.

Well…that was subtle.

This…whatever the heck this is…comes to your courtesy of Cow and Chicken – Episode 20: Buffalo Gals/Cow and Chicken Reclining (February 20, 1998). On a side note, this particular episode was also banned after its initial airing. Gee whiz, I wonder why? 😛

Trouble Brewing on Apokolips


So not only is there no decent porn on Apokolips, but the coffee apparently also sucks.

That cappuccino cup looks like a thimble in his hand.

That cappuccino cup looks like a thimble in his hand.

Today’s coffee break has been brought to you by Sovereign Seven #1 (July 1995) by Chris Claremont and Dwayne Turner.

Superman Says The Darndest Things – Part 7


You know, I’d provide some context for this panel, but why ruin the Silver Age goofiness?

I wonder if Superman would come out looking like Will Smith if he used Dahr-Nel's machine?

I wonder if Superman would come out looking like Will Smith if he used Dahr-Nel’s machine?

Today’s bizarre example of Kryptonian medicine courtesy of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #106 (November 1970) by Robert Kanigher, Werner Roth, and Vince Colletta.

Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 9


Don’t you hate overbearing bosses that interfere with office romances?

Destro, that's the lamest excuse I've ever heard.

Destro, that’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

You can thank G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Episode 15: The Pyramid of Darkness – Part 5: Knotting Cobra’s Coils (September 20, 1985) for ruining the mood today.

Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 8


Ever wonder what rats and mice dream of?

On second, thought...never mind. I don't want to know. >_<

On second, thought…never mind. I don’t want to know. >_<

This insight into the sleeping minds of rodentia has been brought to you by Capitol Critters – Episode 1: Max Goes to Washington (January 28, 1992).

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