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Surreal Estate – Part 2


Superman has his Fortress of Solitude. Batman has the Batcave. Wonder Woman has…an old abandoned barn?


Does she at least have an old rusty padlock on the door to the Barn of Paradise?

The tour of these rather modest accommodations were arranged by Sensation Comics #24 (December 1943) by Evelyn Gaines, Frank Harry, William Moulton Marston, Stan Aschmeier, Sheldon Moldoff, Harry G. Peter, Howard Purcell, and Paul Reinman.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 48


For anyone who enjoyed the first entry in the “Chun Leia” series from a few days ago, I’m glad to present you with the second courtesy of Dani McCole, a.k.a. Apricot Knight. 🙂

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 47


Earlier this year, I noticed some vague similarities between the cheongsam-inspired classic outfit of Chun Li and Princess Leia’s slave costume, so I decided to ask a few artists to draw a cross between the two. This is what Olivier Maranda, artist of the Tumblr-based webcomic Side Quest, came up with:

Expect to see more entries in this costume mashup series – one which one of my Twitter followers, Seth Engelhardt, humorously dubbed “Chun Leia” – in the months to come as I try and finally get this blog going again after years of neglect. See you in all in 2019, people! 😀

Manga Sexual Innuendo – Part 5


Sometimes, when you’re a superhero, even if you win a fight, you still lose.

Talk about your Pyrrhic victory. :(

I feel for you, Athena, I really do. 😦

Today’s Pyrrhic victory has been brought to you by Keep Your Hands Off My Daughter! Mother/Daughter Heroine Fight (ウチのムスメに手を出すな!-母娘ヒロイン奮闘す-/Uchi no Musume ni te o dasu na! Oyako hiroin funtou su) – Volume 1 (March 23, 2015) by Nozomu Tamaki.

Nitpicking 101 – The Unidirectional Sexism of Intergender Choking


I generally try and avoid political commentary on this blog, but this is one of those rare occasions so facepalm-worthy that I feel the need to break that tradition.

A few days ago, Rose McGowan and the political correctness brigade began raising a stink about a billboard advertising the recently released movie X-Men: Apocalypse, where the eponymous villain is seen strangling Mystique.

"Rambling Reporter" indeed.

“Rambling Reporter” indeed.

The inevitable result of this brouhaha, following amplification by an enablist mainstream media whose representatives had nothing better to do that day, was a swift apology by 20th Century Fox and appeasement of the lunatic moralist pounding on their proverbial door.

Maybe Magneto was right about the human race. :/

Maybe Magneto was right about the human race. :/

So, what can we learn from all this? Well, ignoring the fact that choking has a fine tradition of usage by movie villains to illustrate just how gosh darn evil they are…

Don't think of it as "choking"; think of it as "throat hugging".

Don’t think of it as “choking”; think of it as “throat hugging”.

…the take home lesson from all this is whether or not intergender choking is sexist and promotes or normalizes gendered violence is entirely dependent upon the sexes of the choker and the chokee. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Simple.

And this isn't even all of them.

And this isn’t even all of them.

Mystique’s been choking male victims with her hands, feet, and legs in X-Men movies for 16 years now, and no one’s ever complained about that. Hell, the power dynamic’s even the same in both situations, as Mystique’s as far above ordinary humans as Apocalypse is above her.

The critics are right about one thing, though: someone is being sexist here.

It just doesn’t happen to be the people they think.

Gastronomical Anomalies – Part 5


Great power and great table manners don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

Well, we can add "super-obnoxiousness", "super-gluttony", and "super-burping" to Superman's list of lesser-known superpowers.

Well, we can add “super-obnoxiousness”, “super-gluttony”, and “super-burping” to the list of Superman’s lesser-known superpowers.

Today’s dinnertime disaster has been brought to you by Action Comics #266 (July 1960) by Jerry Siegel, Wayne Boring, Jim Mooney, Curt Swan, and Stan Kaye.

Robosexuality – Part 15


The woman may be artificial, but the sting of rejection is real.

That sounds less like a turnoff and more like a challenge to me. ^_^;

That sounds less like a turnoff and more like a challenge to me. ^_^;

Today’s glimpse into the robotic dating scene has been brought to you by Astro City: Beautie #1 (April 2008) by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, and Alex Ross.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 37


One of these things is not like the others.

Maybe Fredric Wertham was on to something after all...

Maybe Fredric Wertham was on to something after all…

Today’s slip of the tongue comes to you from the pages of Justice League of America #44 (May 1966) by Gardner F. Fox, Mike Sekowsky, and Frank Giacoia.

Pop Culture Within Pop Culture – Part 2


Note to self: Keep Brainiac 5 away from dead bodies in the future.

And people complain about "The Catcher in the Rye" being a bad influence...

And people complain about “The Catcher in the Rye” being a bad influence…

This disturbing revelation has been brought to you by Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4 (June 2009) by Geoff Johns, George Pérez, and Scott Koblish.

Supereconomics – Part 12


Remember when Wonder Woman committed identity theft in order to become an American citizen? Because I sure do.

I'm pretty sure that's a felony. :O

I’m pretty sure that’s a felony. :/

This glimpse into one Amazon’s life of crime comes to you courtesy of DC Special Series #19: Secret Origins of Super-Heroes (Fall 1979) by Robert Bernstein, Otto Binder, E. Nelson Bridwell, Cary Burkett, John Broome, Gardner F. Fox, Edmond Hamilton, Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru, Jose Delbo, Ramona Fradon, Carmine Infantino, Joe Kubert, Al Plastino, Dick Sprang, George Tuska, Vince Colletta, Mike Esposito, Joe Giella, and Stan Kaye.

UPDATE (2016.07.31.): James Daily of the comic book legal blog Law and the Multiverse has classified this transaction as “pretty illegal”. You can read more about his thoughts on this here.

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