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“The Last Supper” in Comic Books – Part 2


Even if you haven’t read the premiere post in this new ongoing series, you should be able to guess what this is all about from the title alone. Here’s the original painting…

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci (1495-1498)

…and here’s a panel from Legion of Super-Heroes #2 (September 1984) by artist Keith Giffen:

Oh great. "Jesus" is insane and thinks lightning talks to him while "Judas" is a mentally unbalanced Darkseid worshipper.

The character-by-character breakdown:

  • Bartholomew: Cosmic King
  • James the Less: Spider Girl
  • Andrew: Terrus
  • Judas: Ol-Vir
  • Peter: Radiation Roy
  • John: Esper Lass
  • Jesus: Lightning Lord
  • Thomas: Neutrax
  • James the Greater: Chameleon Chief
  • Philip: Sun Emperor
  • Matthew: Silver Slasher
  • Jude: Mist Master
  • Simon: Ron-Karr

“The Last Supper” in Comic Books – Part 1


After reading way too many comic books, I’ve noticed that artists seem to really enjoy doing their own renditions of Leonardo da Vinci‘s famous painting, The Last Supper. Just for fun, I’m going to post these images as I find them and also specify which comic book character is standing in for which biblical figure.

For the record, this is the original painting…

"The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci (1495-1498)

…and here’s a panel from Countdown #36 (August 22, 2007) by artist Jim Calafiore:

Somehow, Batman doesn't seem like the forgiving type to me.

The character-by-character breakdown:

  • Andrew: Red Tornado
  • Judas: Green Lantern (Ouch…that’s harsh. Looks like someone hasn’t forgiven Hal Jordan for the whole Parallax thing just yet.)
  • Peter: Black Canary
  • John: Wonder Woman (The DaVinci Code fans are going to have a field day with this one, especially when you factor in recent continuity and the identity of the “Son of God” in this illustration.)
  • Jesus: Batman (Like this is a surprise.)
  • Thomas: Vixen
  • James the Greater: Black Lightning
  • Philip: Hawkgirl
  • Matthew: Red Arrow

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