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The Buck Stops Here


19th century Englishwomen were such frail, helpless things. Take sisters Elizabeth and Jane Bennet, for example.

Their weakness is sickening beyond words.

This glimpse into Regency era pastimes of the fairer sex courtesy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel (May 4, 2010) by Jane Austen, Seth Grahame-Smith, Tony Lee, and Cliff Richards.

The Weird Wide Web – Part 2


It seems that, no matter what world you’re on, there are always certain groups you can count on to cause trouble.

Uh…I’d be real careful there, Emp. Just ask Jessi Slaughter what happens when you insult /b/…

This suspected trolling attempt courtesy of Empowered – Volume 5 (June 2009) by Adam Warren.

Ninjas and Zen Philosophy


There are some things that just don’t mix.

In the immortal words of Wally "Flash" West, this stuff makes my brain itch.

Today’s zen moment has been brought to you by The Tick #3 (August 1996) by Ben Edlund and Max Banks.

Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 2


You know, when it’s time for me to take the big dirt nap, I’m really hoping that my tombstone will consist of more than a picture of myself taped to a traffic cone.

Talk about cutting corners in the wrong place.

This bargain basement funeral idea courtesy of Darkwing Duck – Episode 47: “Dead Duck” (February 17, 1992).

Robosexuality – Part 8


I dream of Jenny, she’s got nice hardware.

So he's interested in a girl's intake and exhaust manifolds? I guess Sheldon's not that strange after all...

This amusing view into the life of an adolescent robosexual courtesy of My Life as a Teenage Robot – Episode 20: “Designing Women” (September 7, 2005).

Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 1


So what kind of party decorations do you purchase in order to celebrate Honker Muddlefoot’s birthday in the Negaverse?

Well, let’s see…

Erupting volcanos? Check.

Sun-bleached cow skull? Check.

Severed heads with their mouths sewn shut and tied to a branch by their hair? Check.

Wait…what the hell?

I’m sure parents had a field day explaining this to their kids back in the 90s.

Yes, people…that’s exactly what it looks like. Severed heads. In a freakin’ Disney cartoon. And people though the company only went hardcore once Gargoyles went on the air.

These grisly screenshots courtesy of Darkwing Duck – Episode 35: “Life, the Negaverse, and Everything” (November 18, 1991).

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