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Pokémon: It’s Serious Business


Don’t believe me? Just ask Big Barda.

So I'm guessing Darkseid is a Pokémon League Champion...?

Today’s insight into the life of a Pokémon Trainer has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #109 (October 2007) by Tony Bedard, Nicola Scott, and Doug Hazlewood.

Superman Says The Darndest Things – Part 1


When coming up with a name for your newly-formed team of superheroes, try going for something memorable.…and devoid of unfortunate implications.

Now you, too, can say that "My team is ASS!" with pride.

This absence of forethought comes to you courtesy of All-Star Squadron #3 (November 1981) by Roy Thomas, Rich Buckler, and Jerry Ordway.

The Universal Translator – JSA All-Stars #16 (May 2011)


Today’s translation topic, courtesy of JSA All-Stars #16 (May 2011) by Matthew Sturges and Freddie Williams II, will be short and sweet:

You know, I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep through that history class, as hearing about something like that would actually have been exciting...

Considering how earth-shattering an event the attack of giant stone creatures summoned by Magical Neo-Luddites is, the 18th century Germans sure picked a boring name for it for posterity: “Ungeheuerangriff” translates as the somewhat mundane “Monster Attack”. Perhaps they simply lacked imagination…or anything remotely similar to compare it to.

On a side note, since “Angriff” is masculine, it should actually be “Der Ungeheuerangriff” and notDas Ungeheuerangriff”.

A “Borderlands” Rebus Puzzle


I found this subtle commentary on Dr. Patricia Tannis’ mental health quite hilarious.

"Alas, poor Yorick, thou'rt looking a little gaunt."

The RIAA’s Wet Dream


Oh come on. You know they’d totally do this if they could.

And illegally downloading an entire album is an automatic life sentence.

This dire vision of things to come has been brought to you by Darkwing Duck #1 (June 2010) by Ian Brill and James Silvani.

Sigmund Freud Vs. Osama Bin Laden


You know, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how things went down in Pakistan today, but it seemed appropriate given the circumstances…

This bizarre short story courtesy of Juan Arteaga and Felipe Sobreiro.

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