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The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 20


Here’s yet another of my more recent acquisitions: a sketch of Empowered by her creator Adam Warren straight from Fan Expo 2014!


Costume Hijinks – Part 5


If anyone remembers Syndrome and Dollar Bill’s fates in The Incredibles and Watchmen, respectively – or even Edna Mode’s extended diatribe in the former – you’d come to the conclusion that wearing a capes is a very bad idea when it comes to superhero and supervillain costumes. So why do so many members of the spandex crowd wear them? Well, according to Empowered, you may as well chalk this one up to insecurity and body image issues.

I wonder if J-Lo and Kim Kardashian wear capes in the Empowered Universe?

While the above panel from Empowered – Volume 1 (March 2007) by Adam Warren answers half of the question, it just calls more attention to the unanswered half: namely why so many male superheroes and supervillains wear capes. Perhaps the world will never know.

Special thanks to Skadi the Slamazon of Stuporheroes for inspiring this blog post with one of her own. 🙂

Costume Hijinks – Part 2


Note to female readers: if you’re extremely body conscious, then becoming a superheroine probably isn’t for you.

Think sexual harassment in the workplace is bad? Try SUPER sexual harassment.

This uncomfortable moment in the spandex lifestyle has been brought to you by Empowered – Volume 1 (March 2007) by Adam Warren.

The Weird Wide Web – Part 2


It seems that, no matter what world you’re on, there are always certain groups you can count on to cause trouble.

Uh…I’d be real careful there, Emp. Just ask Jessi Slaughter what happens when you insult /b/…

This suspected trolling attempt courtesy of Empowered – Volume 5 (June 2009) by Adam Warren.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 17


You know that you’ve found someone special when you can shamelessly come on to each other on the job without anyone catching on.

Who knew that foreplay could involve gunplay?

This guide to workplace flirtation comes to you courtesy of Empowered – Volume 1 (March 2007) by Adam Warren.

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