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Sex and Dating, Superhuman Style – Part 22


In today’s world of dating, there’s a good reason why you always want to have a telepathic martian as your wingman.

Hmm...I wonder if  M'gann M'orzz is up for a double date...?

Hmm…I wonder if M’gann M’orzz is up for a double date…?

This glimpse into the mind of a cheeseball has been brought to you by JLA: Year One #4 (April 1998) by Brian Augustyn, Barry Kitson, Mark Waid, and Michael Bair.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 39


Gabriel Morrissette returns with another intense artistic offering today, this time of the Creeper!


USA Today – Thursday, October 22, 2015 (Back to the Future Edition)


Just for fun, here’s a reproduction of the overlay from the Thursday, October 22, 2015 edition of USA Today showing the original future from the movie Back to the Future – Part II. 🙂


The Arrival


They’re here! They’re here! They’re finally here! 😀

backtothefuturepart2-001 backtothefuturepart2-002 backtothefuturepart2-003 backtothefuturepart2-004 backtothefuturepart2-005 backtothefuturepart2-006 backtothefuturepart2-007

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 38


Behold the original spoony bard! It’s the Tick as rendered by Dave Garcia.


The One True Measure of Annoyance


You know you’re a dick when you start getting on your own nerves.

I don't think there's any world big enough for two Peter Venkmans.

I don’t think there’s any world big enough for two Peter Venkmans.

This unfortunate encounter has been brought to you by Ghostbusters Get Real #2 (July 2015) by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 37


Neither as painful as the George Lucas movie nor will it burn going down: all today’s offering is is a moody sketch of Howard the Duck by Gabriel Morrisette.


Going On The Ride of Your Life


There’s a good reason why you shouldn’t give teenagers the keys to your fancy new car. There’s an ever better reason why you shouldn’t give teenagers who can run at super speed the keys to your fancy new car.

Any crash you can walk away from...

Any crash you can walk away from…

Today’s driving lesson has been sponsored by Teen Titans #9 (May 2004) by Geoff Johns, Mike McKone, Marlo Alquiza, and Norm Rapmund.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 36


A little while back, I showcased an unused (and pretty radical) redesign of Optimus Prime. This time around, we’re doing it old school with Pat Lee.


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