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Cool Convention Swag: “Death Note Chronicale” Poster


While shirtless bishounen really aren’t my cup of tea, I made an exception for the following poster I stumbled upon at Otakuthon 2010 due to its sheer compositional and artistic excellence:

“Death Note Chronicale” by Sakimichan (2009)

This marvelous piece of Death Note fanart comes to you courtesy of Canadian artist (and fellow Montreal, Quebec resident) Yue .W., a.k.a. Sakimichan. Purchase your own watermark-free version from her deviantART website at today!

Cool Convention Swag: Starman Plushie


Now this is an interesting item I picked up at Otakuthon 2010: a handmade, hand-painted Starman plushie complete with a little set of blue overalls to prevent him from flashing (at least in the non-invulnerability-granting sense).

He protects you from harm...but who protects his dignity?

Unfortunately, due to this particular anime convention’s penchant for keeping a tight lid on the personal information of participating amateur artists, I literally can’t give credit where credit is due. All I can say is thanks to the anonymous ladies of Artists’ Area Booth 469 for this cute little guy!

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