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Superhero Problems – Part 1


And you thought tanning weird while visiting the beach was bad.

Just wear that facial mask for a few days straight and that burn should be gone in no time. :)

Just wear that facial mask for a few days straight and no one will notice. 🙂

Today’s inspired improvisation has been brought to you by Batgirl: Year One #7 (August 2003) by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon, Marcos Martin, and Alvaro Lopez.

Studies in Douchebaggery – Part 6


The amount of contempt that Batman has towards his friends and allies is dwarfed only by the size of his own insufferable ego.

Well, someone certainly has an unhealthily narcissistic sense of self-worth.

I’m guessing this was before you came up with the idea of Batman Incorporated?

This hypocritical view of forced retirement comes to you courtesy of The Brave and the Bold #113 (June-July 1974) by Gardner F. Fox, Bob Haney, Ed Herron, Jim Aparo, Bob Brown, Joe Kubert, and George Papp.

Casual Friday – Part 2


It takes a certain kind of man to exude authority while wearing a purple dress and dainty white gloves. Commissioner James Gordon is that man.

SOMEONE had to lighten the mood at the Gotham City Police Department.

This drafty moment in a veteran policeman’s career courtesy of Batman and Robin #16 (January 2011) by Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart, Chris Burnham, and Frazer Irving.

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