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The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 8


Here’s the newest addition to my original art collection straight from Montreal Comiccon 2013…and what an addition it is! A head sketch of Green Arrow by none other than the legendary Emerald Archer writer/artist Mike Grell!


The Cad and the Bat


When you’re out cruisin’ for love, nothing throws the old Pussy Wagon into reverse quite as effectively as the idea of committing statutory rape, something that the following encounter between Green Arrow and a teenage Batgirl well demonstrates.

Your attempt to impress the ladies has FAILED.

This blemish in the Emerald Archer’s little black book has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #109 (October 2007) by Tony Bedard, Nicola Scott, and Doug Hazlewood.

Strange Comic Book Cameos – JLA #8 (August 1997)


Rejoice, everyone! It’s time for the premiere of yet another ongoing series of blog posts. This time around, I’ll be focusing my attention on funny, unlikely, or just plain bizarre cameos that comic book writers and artists, in their infinite mischievousness, have (secretly) incorporated into their works. While none of the examples that I’ll be citing here will be on par with the insane cameos, in-jokes, and references from Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and some examples will possess all the subtlety of a brick to the  skull when it comes to presentation, I’m hoping that at least some of you out there will be pleasantly surprised.

And what better issue to kick things off than JLA #8 (August 1997) by Grant Morrison, Oscar Jimenez, and Chip Wallace, where Connor Hawke, (the then-new) Green Arrow, is seen receiving reassurance about the inherent safety of biological matter teleportation from what might just be the worst possible authority on the subject?

Just be glad he didn't offer to teleport any baboons or cats up with you.

Yes, that government lab technician is none other than Jeff Goldblum, or, more correctly said (and as his name tag indicates), Dr. Seth Brundle, the unlucky molecular physicist from David Cronenberg’s  horror classic The Fly (1986).

It’s worth noting that this version of Dr. Brundle looks significantly healthier (not to mention more human) than his movie counterpart. Given the existence of super-science and incredibly advanced technology in the DC Universe that would make the film’s Telepods look like 1970s pocket calculators, however, this is perhaps not all that surprising…

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