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Certifiable Insanity, Nintendo Power Style


Nearly twenty years ago, in Nintendo Power – Volume 52 (September 1993), I was issued the following challenge:

Bah! In my day, we didn't use Warp Zones! We just gritted our teeth and played all the way through to the end, dammit! 😛

I decided to answer that challenge – with a rental copy, no less – and, true to their word, this was my reward:

This should help quite nicely with my insanity defense.

And, just in case anyone’s wondering about whether or not this is the real deal, I present you with the following letter of authentication:

So now I'm a Power Player and a Certified Mario Maniac? Awesome! 🙂

Cool Convention Swag: Starman Plushie


Now this is an interesting item I picked up at Otakuthon 2010: a handmade, hand-painted Starman plushie complete with a little set of blue overalls to prevent him from flashing (at least in the non-invulnerability-granting sense).

He protects you from harm...but who protects his dignity?

Unfortunately, due to this particular anime convention’s penchant for keeping a tight lid on the personal information of participating amateur artists, I literally can’t give credit where credit is due. All I can say is thanks to the anonymous ladies of Artists’ Area Booth 469 for this cute little guy!

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