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Talk Nerdy To Me


I’m not sure what they put in the drinking water down in Ivy Town University, but, after seeing what kind of company turned up at Ryan Choi’s welcome back party, I kind of wish that they’d make it a mandatory additive.

Is that a sliderule in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

This geek fantasy has been brought to you by The All New Atom #12 (August 2007) by Gail Simone, Mike Norton, and Dan Green.

Temptation: Sometimes It Knocks, Sometimes It Bangs On the Door


So you think you know what supervillainy is, eh? Well, you haven’t witnessed hardcore supervillainy until you’ve seen mad-scientist-on-a-budget Dr. Gregory Gruesome in action.

That vile fiend! Three bets that he kicks puppies and kittens, too!

This definition of pure evil has been brought to you by Showcase #62 (May-June 1966) by E. Nelson Bridwell, Joe Orlando, and Mike Esposito.

Fun Facts About Giganta


Quick! When you think of  Dr. Doris Zeul – better known as recurring Wonder Woman foe Giganta – what the first thing that comes to mind? (And I mean aside from that impractical two-piece leopard print costume she used to wear.)

Well, it might surprise you to know that she’s straightforward, disenchanted with today’s youth, a stickler for the rules (kind of surprising for a supervillainess), a professor at Ivy Town University, and has a not immediately visible body modification…all of which Ryan Choi, the all-new (and currently all-dead) Atom learns in short order.

There is no Amanda, only Zeul.

Today’s Giganta fact file comes to you courtesy of The All New Atom #3 (November 2006) by Gail Simone, John Byrne, and Trevor Scott.

Robosexuality – Part 6


She may be an incorporeal holographic projection, but mischievous artificial intelligence Roxy can still flirt with the best of ’em…something King Chimera discovers the hard way.

I'll bet she says that to all the intelligent, carbon-based life forms.

Today’s interspecies pick-up line taken from the pages of JSA All-Stars #8 (September 2010) by Matthew Sturges and Freddie Williams II.

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