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Rags to Stitches


They do everything differently in the ‘hood.

Broken homes, broken spines....not much difference.

Broken homes, broken hearts, broken spines….not much difference.

This unconventional childhood has been brought to you by Freelancers #1 (October 2012) by Ian Brill, Matt Gagnon, Reilly Brown, Joshua Covey, Phil Noto, Khary Randolph, Ibraim Roberson, Stephane Roux, Felipe Smith, and Fan Yang.

The RIAA’s Wet Dream


Oh come on. You know they’d totally do this if they could.

And illegally downloading an entire album is an automatic life sentence.

This dire vision of things to come has been brought to you by Darkwing Duck #1 (June 2010) by Ian Brill and James Silvani.

Move Over, MacGyver


Supervillains have always been a cunning and resourceful lot. But if Qubit and Charybdis are to be believed, it would appear that Modeus is in a class all his own.

Kinda makes you wonder what he could do with an iPad, doesn't it?

This lesson in improvisation has been brought to you by Irredeemable #6 (September 2009) by Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Gene Ha, Dan Panosian, and Jeffrey Spokes.

The Supervillain Relationship Age Gap


Any relationship where there’s a significant age difference between two partners requires some adjustment. This is apparently just as true for regular people as it is for those on the wrong side of the superpowered law, as the following discussion between supervillain-turned-superhero Max Damage and his (appropriately-named) underage (ex-)girlfriend/sidekick Jailbait attests to:

She's a criminal. And criminals are HOT!

This glimpse at the private side of supervillain life has been brought to you by Incorruptible #3 (February 2010) by Mark Waid and Jean Diaz.

Brotherly Love


When superhero-turned-supervillain the Plutonian discovers that the mind of his archenemy Modeus now inhabits the body of his deceased former partner and best friend Samsara, he’s a little emotionally conflicted to say the least.

That's gonna leave a mark...

Today’s lesson in facial deconstruction surgery comes to you courtesy of Irredeemable #18 (October 2010) by Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Dan Panosian, Paul Renaud, and Jeffrey Spokes.

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