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The Pattern of Madness


In Batman #700 (August 2010) by Grant Morrison, Tony Daniel, David Finch, Andy Kubert, Frank Quitely, and Scott Colins, we catch a glimpse of the possible near future of the DC Universe and one of the most unusual legacy supervillains ever: Two-Face-Two,  an adonis with a bizarre Kuato-like entity growing out of the left side of his head:

"Quaid...Quaid...start the Mars..."

Now, while a lot of people might just dismiss this as the latest manifestation of Grant Morrison’s insanity, what really ups the ante in the crazy department is the fact that this character was mentioned in passing by the 853rd century Batman way back in DC One Million #3 (November 1998):

Grant Morrison is so hardcore he set this story up 12 years ago...BEFORE HE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO WRITE IT.

There’s admittedly a slight inconsistency here: it’s stated that the Batman in this near future is Bruce Wayne’s son Damian Wayne, which would make him the third bearer of that title, not the second. This leaves us with three possible explanations:

  • The 853rd century Batman needs to brush up on his history lessons (assuming, of course, that accurate records from the 21st century about the Bat-Line of Succession survived until then and that sketchy recordkeeping isn’t responsible for this misconception).
  • Dick Grayson’s tenure as the Caped Crusader won’t count (much like Stephanie Brown’s stint as Robin, if the Powers That Be at DC are to be believed) and Damian Wayne will eventually succeed in rehabilitating Two-Face-Two on his own as the “official” second Batman.
  • Dick Grayson’s time wearing the cape and cowl counted (meaning that he does go down in history as the second Batman), he’s still alive when the mantle of the Dark Knight is passed on to Damian Wayne, and he will be responsible for eventually curing Two-Face-Two, regardless of the superhero identity he’s going by at the time (if any). He may even eventually (temporarily) reclaim the mantle from Damian to do so for all we know.

Regardless of the actual reason, it’s amusing to discover that someone at DC plans ahead. Way ahead.

Too bad that person just doesn’t happen to be Dan DiDio.

The Paris-Gotham Express


After being asked to return to Gotham City immediately due to the desecration of their loved ones’ graves, Red Robin stages a rooftop rescue of Batman and Robin in the most dramatic fashion possible in Blackest Night: Batman #2 (November 2009):

A jet plane? With flamethrowers? Awesome.

This is made all the more impressive when you take into consideration where exactly Red Robin was when he received the call at the end of Blackest Night: Batman #1 (October 2009):

I wonder how much cellular airtime costs for the Batman Family?

Since Gotham City, New Jersey is pretty close to New York, that means it’s approximately 5832 kilometers (3624 miles) away from Paris, France. Barring the use of a Justice League teleport device, the only way he could’ve cleared that kind of distance that quickly would’ve been with the help of a Batplane III, which has a top speed of 7081 kph (4400 mph). Even then, though, it would have to have been a modified version of the aircraft with increased fuel capacity since its maximum range doesn’t allow for a transatlantic flight without at least one refueling stop.

However he managed to do it, good show, former Boy Wonder.

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