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Dubious Medicine – Part 9


The doctors in and around Gotham City may suck at treating brain damage and mental illness, but, by god, they sure seem to be great at diagnosing it early.

Err...can I get a second opinion on that?

Damn, those Rorschach tests for insane babies must be really good….

This psychological assessment from the crib courtesy of World’s Finest Comics #223 (May-June 1974) by Bob Haney, Edmond Hamilton, Neal Adams,  Joe Certa, Vince Colletta, Dick Dillin, Ramona Fradon, George Roussos, and Dick Sprang.

Dubious Medicine – Part 8


Post-mortem examinations are never pretty.

I could, but I just ate lunch. :P

I could, but I just ate lunch.

Today’s freaky autopsy has been brought to you by The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #3 (March 2012) by James Roberts and Alex Milne.

Dubious Medicine – Part 7


Ever wonder what kind of doctorate Victor Von Doom has? Oh, the possibilities…

Sure, that's what they all say.

Sure, that’s what they all say.

This chilling vision of what might have been has been to you by What If…? #34 (February 1992) by Barry Dutter, Scott Gimple, John Rozum, Arthur Wyatt, Ian Akin, Darren Auck, Hilary Barta, Jim Cardillo, Janice Chiang, Dave Cullen, Sam De La Rosa, Brad K. Joyce, Aaron Lopresti, Tom Morgan, Andrew Pepoy, Jim Reddington, Tom Vincent, and Renee Witterstaetter.

Dubious Medicine – Part 6


Who says that questionable medical practices have to be confined to the human population?

Now that's what I call a Lollipop Chainsaw!

Now that’s what I call a Lollipop Chainsaw! 😀

This unorthodox surgical technique has been brought to you by Doctor Lollipop (September 12, 2013).

Dubious Medicine – Part 5


Never trust a man who once tried drilling a hole through his head to give you a physical examination.

Nice save there, Spengler.

Nice save there, Spengler.

This potentially invasive medical procedure has been suggested to you by Ghostbusters #1 (September 2011) by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening.

Dubious Medicine – Part 4


Man, if Power Girl can’t get good emergency medical care, what hope do the rest of us have?

Weight, chest...does anyone else want to an inappropriate comment about any part of her anatomy?

Does anyone else want to add an inappropriate comment?

This addition of insult to injury courtesy of Power Girl #5 (November 2009) by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Amanda Connor.

Dubious Medicine – Part 3


As uncertified paramedic Harper Row is about to demonstrate, when it comes to improvised emergency medical treatment, it’s more definitely not “all good in the ‘hood”.

Looks like Joel Schumacher’s Bat-Nipples are useful for something after all! :O

This violation of standard procedure courtesy of Batman #7 (May 2012) by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Dustin Nguyen, and Jonathan Glapion.

Dubious Medicine – Part 2


Even the most brilliant minds need to go back to the drawing board once in a while.

I’m pretty sure PETA wasn’t amused.

Today’s engineering failure courtesy of The All New Atom #14 (October 2007) by Gail Simone, Mike Norton, and Trevor Scott.

Dubious Medicine – Part 1


Quick, boys and girls! Can you spot the doctor who hasn’t got his priorities straight?

Judging by the size of those goggles, the doctor either has vision problems or someone has an extremely small wee-wee.

Today’s invasion of privacy has been brought to you by Gate Crasher: Ring of Fire #3 (May 2000) by Mark Waid, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner.

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