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Supervillain Problems – Part 1


Don’t. Mock. The Joker’s. Ride.

Christ, punks that stupid deserve to be shot. :P

Christ, punks that stupid deserve to be shot. 😛

This unfortunate traffic accident has been brought to you by Gotham City Sirens #5 (December 2009) by Paul Dini and Guillem March.

The Lunar Archivist’s Sketchbook – Part 21


I can’t think of a more appropriate piece of original art for Halloween than this creepy sketch of the Joker by David Finch.


But Is It Art?


Man, can’t the Joker do anything normally?

Well, at least this is slightly better than those Laughing Fish he once tried to patent...

Well, at least this a slight improvement over those Laughing Fish he once tried patenting…

Today’s insane pastime has been brought to you by Secret Origins #44 (September 1989) by Mike W. Barr, Dan Raspler, Len Wein, BEM 89, Keith Giffen, Tom Grummett, Al Gordon, Gary Martin, and Denis Rodier.

Studies in Douchebaggery – Part 3


You know someone’s a douchebag if even the Joker finds them morally repugnant.



Today’s lesson in ethics has been brought to you by Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #1 (July 2003) by Dan Slott and Ryan Sook.

Crowning Moments of Awesome – Part 1: Martian Manhunter


When the Joker gets his hands on the Philisopher’s Stone, a.k.a. the Worlogog – a supernatural artifact of unlimited power – the Martian Manhunter resorts to a novel application of his telepathic abilities to accomplish what years of therapy couldn’t.

Maybe John Jones should get a job at Arkham Asylum… 😛

This lesson in martian psychiatry has been brought to you by JLA #15 (February 1998) by Grant Morrison, Gary Frank, Greg Land, Howard Porter, John Dell, and Bob McLeod.

Politically Incorrect Theater – Part 3


Remember what happened the last time the Joker visited the United Nations as the representative of a Middle Eastern country in the 1980s? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that DC Comics wishes they could forget all about that. I mean, they’d never try getting away with something that offensive again by making him the ambassador of the DC Universe’s Middle Eastern terrorist state of Qurac, right?


Well, they could just be petty and give him a huge parking ticket.

Oy gevalt.

This even worse example of Islamophobic propaganda has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #16 (April 2000) by Chuck Dixon and Butch Guice.

Politically Incorrect Theater – Part 1


When last we saw the Joker, he’d just made the acquaintance of Ayatollah Khomeini and been offered a cushy position within the Iranian government. Now I wonder what that could that possibly be?

Oh for fuck's sake.

You know, by now, I’m pretty sure that most of you think that we’ve hit rock bottom. And you’d be right. But for some people, hitting rock bottom means exactly one thing: it’s time to start digging.

That depends, actually. Catfish and shark are halal, but eel's kinda iffy.

Today’s Islamophobic propaganda has been brought to you by Batman #428 (Winter 1988) and #429 (January 1989) by Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Mike DeCarlo.

Strange Comic Book Cameos – Batman #428 (Winter 1988)


Have you ever wondered what kind of monumental badass it would take to intimidate the friggin’ Joker? Well, comic book readers learned the surprising answer to that question in Batman #428 (Winter 1988) by Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Mike DeCarlo.

Oh merde.

So what exactly does Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini have in mind for the Clown Prince of Crime? Tune in later this week, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel, as our epic descent into tasteless, dated social commentary continues.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 4


You are about to witness the failed mating ritual between two costumed supervillains (though not for a lack of trying on Harley Quinn‘s part):

Yes. God, yes. I want to take that Harley for a spin ALL NIGHT LONG.

I have no idea why the Joker would turn down a smoking hot offer like that. Maybe he’s still butthurt because everyone was making fun of his boner recently.

This sex ed lesson has been brought to you by The Batman Adventures: “Mad Love” (1994) by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 3


Yes, it’s an ancient joke by Internet standards and based wholly on the fact that a word’s meaning has shifted since the comic book in question first saw print. But it’s still funny.

Mercifully, the Gotham Gazette didn't run any pictures with that article.

This disturbing lesson in clown anatomy brought to you by Batman #66 (August-September 1951) by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Dick Sprang, and Charles Paris.

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