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Me Grimlock Feel Fancy!


When prolific Transformer fanartist Rekka started taking requests on her Tumblr blog, This Is Bad Comedy, for things that we’d like to see her draw, I almost immediately recalled this scene of Grimlock dressed as a waiter from the classic series episode Madman’s Paradise

Why would robots need giant glasses of booze? o_O

Why would giant robots need giant glasses of alcoholic beverages? o_O

…and decided to up the ante by requesting an image of him dressed in a French maid outfit. And this was the end result:

"Me Grimlock Feel Fancy!" by Rekka

“Me Grimlock Feel Fancy!” by Rekka

Thanks Rekka! Be sure to check out her Tumblr blogs here and here.

Cool Convention Swag: “Le Gâteau est un Mensonge” Poster


Even if you don’t speak French, I’m pretty sure that you can guess what the title of this Art Nouveau style poster of Chell and her Companion Cube that I picked up at Fan Expo 2011 translates as.

“Le Gâteau est un Mensonge” by Lauren Rowlands

Check out more of Lauren Rowlands’ artwork at her blog Oh, Hello!

Cool Convention Swag: “Death Note Chronicale” Poster


While shirtless bishounen really aren’t my cup of tea, I made an exception for the following poster I stumbled upon at Otakuthon 2010 due to its sheer compositional and artistic excellence:

“Death Note Chronicale” by Sakimichan (2009)

This marvelous piece of Death Note fanart comes to you courtesy of Canadian artist (and fellow Montreal, Quebec resident) Yue .W., a.k.a. Sakimichan. Purchase your own watermark-free version from her deviantART website at today!

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