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Subliminally Yours – Part 7: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Remember the old urban legend about a female toon experiencing a wardrobe malfunction in the film? Well, guess what, folks? It’s 100% true. But here’s the funny thing: it has absolutely nothing to do with Jessica Rabbit flashing her firecrotch. Oh, no. The incident in question actually involves Betty Boop.

Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.

Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.

Needless to say, when the above nipple slip, which was inserted by some mischievous animators as a joke, was discovered, it was quickly removed by Disney. The only reason the footage survives in uncensored form today is because some early domestic and certain contemporary foreign language versions of the movie, both broadcast and home video releases, inadvertently omitted the omission.


Subliminally Yours – Part 2: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


In some of the action sequences where Eddie Valiant is seen moving insanely quickly while interacting with toons – most notably during the Benny the Cab chase sequence and after going from floor to ceiling pancake while riding the elevator with Droopy – what the audience is seeing isn’t (an image of) Bob Hoskins composited into the shot, but an animated version of him.


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