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Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 35


To be fair, Egon Spengler is capable of accomplishing more lying on his back that most people are when standing upright.

Dude, he's lying down on the job, not getting laid on the job. ;)

Dude, he’s lying down on the job, not getting laid on the job. 😉

This cheeky comment has been to you by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #1 (October 2014) by Erik Burnham, Tom Waltz, Dan Schoening, Cory Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III.

Subliminally Yours – Part 7: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Remember the old urban legend about a female toon experiencing a wardrobe malfunction in the film? Well, guess what, folks? It’s 100% true. But here’s the funny thing: it has absolutely nothing to do with Jessica Rabbit flashing her firecrotch. Oh, no. The incident in question actually involves Betty Boop.

Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.

Janet Jackson, eat your heart out.

Needless to say, when the above nipple slip, which was inserted by some mischievous animators as a joke, was discovered, it was quickly removed by Disney. The only reason the footage survives in uncensored form today is because some early domestic and certain contemporary foreign language versions of the movie, both broadcast and home video releases, inadvertently omitted the omission.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 31


Ever experienced one of those moments where a comic book’s title captured the essence of its contents perfectly?

Please don't tell me that that's a fancy way of saying you're a bottom... >_<

Please don’t tell me that that’s a fancy way of saying you’re a bottom… >_<

This WTF moment has been brought to you by What The–? #3 (October 1988) by Kurt Busiek, Peter David, Sholly Fisch, Fred Hembeck, Glenn Herdling, Richard Howell, Kyle Baker, James Fry, Todd McFarlane, Alex Saviuk, Mark Siry, Hector Collazo, Bob McLeod, and Joe Sinnott.

If There’s Grass on Hyrule Field…?


The age of consent must be a pain in the ass to figure out in Hyrule.

Hey! Look! Navi just gave us some good advice! :P

Hey! Look! Navi just gave us some good advice! 😛

This 3D art has been brought to you by deviantART member Aphius. Have a look at his other stuff over at!

Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 13


There’re some adventures that’re best not taken for the sake of common decency.

Bah! You've turned down a bounce house invitation? You are no man, Finn! YOU ARE NO MAN! :P

Bah! You’ve turned down a chance to bounce around in a bounce house? You are no man, Finn! YOU ARE NO MAN! 😛

This narrowly-averted censorship moment courtesy of Adventure Time – Episode 122: Princess Potluck (April 22, 2013).

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 28


Looks like the S-shield is capable of stirring up all kinds of feelings.

Supergirl: Putting the “S” in “Sex Appeal”.

This Freudian slip has been brought to you by The Adventures of Superman #502 (July 1993) by Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett, and Doug Hazlewood.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 26


Strange were the ways of flirting and talking dirty back in the Silver Age.

She means the milk from the cow, Clark.

This unusual but welcome invitation has been brought to you by Superman #165 (November 1963) by Robert Bernstein, Al Plastino, Curt Swan, and George Klein.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 25


Much like Superman‘s trip to Gay City and the horror of Joker‘s boner, the following panels are only retroactively funny due to Alan Scott‘s revised sexuality, but since I already made the “flaming” joke last week and someone else commented on the tacky jewelry, we might as well get the rest of the gay jokes out of the way so we can all have a good laugh and move on with our lives:

Behold the QUEER power of the Green Lantern, whose only weakness is WOOD!

All of the aforementioned panels taken from the pages of All-American Comics #16 (July 1940) by Jon L. Blummer, Art Helfant, Sheldon Mayer, Al Smith, Carl H. Claudy, Bill Finger, Jerry Siegel, Stan Aschmeier, Sheldon Moldoff, Martin Nodell, and William Smith.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 24


Needless to say, making sexually suggestive remarks around Kryptonian girls is a pretty bad idea.

Looks like she can add "super emasculation" to her list of abilities.

Today’s hilarious putdown courtesy of The Brave and the Bold #4 (August 2007) by Mark Waid, George Pérez, and Bob Wiacek.

The Grim Peeper


There’s only one thing creepier than getting off on death. And that’s Death getting off on you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we've discovered a new type of necrophilia.

This sexually disturbing metaphor courtesy of Empowered – Volume 6 (September 2010) by Adam Warren.

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