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The Philosophy of Mega Man


I don’t normally use my blog to plug titles that I’m fond of, but if you have a comic book that deals with the ethics of creating weapons of war for personal gain…

…the moral dilemmas that come with creating sentient artificial intelligences…

…and anti-technology terrorists making bomb threats and discussing the danger of giving robots free will…

…and this comic book is not only aimed at children but also based on a 25-year-old video game, then you know you have something special and worth reading.

Seriously, go out and pick up a copy of the new Mega Man series by Archie Comic Publications. It’s the first title I’ve seen in a long time where the writer is as just as much of a fan of the characters as the readers are.

Robosexuality – Part 9


When you start using blanket terms to refer to your and your colleagues’ biological offspring and robotic constructs like Dr. Noele LaLinde here, that’s a pretty good sign you need to get out of the lab more often.

Now that’s a discussion about the birds and the bees I’d like front seats to.

This questionable classification has been brought to you by Mega Man #13 (July 2012) by Ian Flynn, Matt Herms, Jonathan Hill, Patrick Spaziante, and Gary Martin.

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