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Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way – Part 1


My mother recently purchased a strip of commemorative Canadian Superman postage stamps for the epic purpose of…sending bills.

Canada Post gives more of a damn about Superman's 75th anniversary than DC Comics does.

Who’d have thought that Canada Post would give more of a damn about Superman’s 75th anniversary than DC Comics?

While examining them, however, I noticed a series of strange symbols along the back of the strip that I immediately recognized as Kryptonian. Or, more correctly said, characters from the substitution cypher that DC’s been using to represent Kryptonian in their comics for the past decade or so.

Even though I completely abandoned DC in the wake of the New 52 not-a-reboot-just-a-relaunch debacle, my curiosity was nevertheless piqued, so I visited my local Canada Post outlet to purchase enough of a roll to figure out what the message was. It ended up being a strip that was 33 stamps long and cost around $20.79 CDN.

Still a much better investment than those crappy issues of "Justice League: Cry For Justice".

Still a much better investment than those crappy issues of “Justice League: Cry For Justice” by James Robinson.

So what exactly does it say?
superman-kryptonianstampmessages001Oh, you want a translation. Right. Well, it’s actually the same message written in both of Canada’s official languages, French and English, and reads:

The “S” shield is more than Superman’s family crest. It’s a Kryptonian symbol that means “hope”.

L’écusson “S” est bien plus que blason de la famille de Superman. Ce symbol signifie “espoir” en kryptonien.

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