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It Came From The Toy Chest – Part 5


When it comes to emergency alt modes, beggars can’t be choosers.

Talk about being top heavy.

Talk about being top heavy.

Today’s model is Transformers (Generation 1) Fortress Maximus by Hasbro/Takara.

Strange Moments in Cartoons – Part 14


I think the Autobots have been on Earth for too long.

Do the Autobots have to for cable television?

Do the Autobots have to pay for cable television access?

This special news bulletin has been brought to you by The Transformers – Episode 50: Prime Target (November 14, 1985).

Politically Incorrect Theater – Part 6


<sarcasm> Isn’t it wonderful how far we’ve come since the 1980s when it comes to stereotyping Middle Easterners? </sarcasm>

Oh yeah. The writers totally went there. >_<;

This was bad enough to kill Cliffjumper, Bluestreak, and Teletraan I.

This rather shameful display comes to you courtesy of The Transformers – Episode 66: Five Faces of Darkness – Part 1 (September 15, 1986) and Episode 75: Thief in the Night (October 6, 1986).

Me Grimlock Feel Fancy!


When prolific Transformer fanartist Rekka started taking requests on her Tumblr blog, This Is Bad Comedy, for things that we’d like to see her draw, I almost immediately recalled this scene of Grimlock dressed as a waiter from the classic series episode Madman’s Paradise

Why would robots need giant glasses of booze? o_O

Why would giant robots need giant glasses of alcoholic beverages? o_O

…and decided to up the ante by requesting an image of him dressed in a French maid outfit. And this was the end result:

"Me Grimlock Feel Fancy!" by Rekka

“Me Grimlock Feel Fancy!” by Rekka

Thanks Rekka! Be sure to check out her Tumblr blogs here and here.

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