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Do As I Say, Not As I Do…


For everyone who follows my Twitter feed – and, really, who does? – and might’ve been wondering about a question I asked Mark Waid a few weeks back, here’s a little background information and explanation.

Back on August 7, 2012, Mr. Waid guest wrote the following strip of the webcomic The Gutters, entitled “Mark Waid’s 4 Panels That Never Work”:

“The Gutters #330: Mark Waid’s 4 Panels That Never Work” by Mark Waid and Jeremy Rock

Now, while I found this strip hilarious, the second panel gave me pause for thought.

“You’ve got to admit: if it were real life and this purple guy in a white hood with a hook hand appeared on it and ranted silently, a lot of people would stop and stare.” – Jay Thomason

So, in all my fanboyish zeal, I decided to tweet the author and ask him about it:

For the uninitiated, I was specifically referring to the following sequence from Kingdom Come #1 (May 1996), where Norman McKay and numerous observers – human, metahuman, or otherwise – learn about the destruction of Kansas due to the irresponsible actions of Magog and the Justice Battalion.

Quick! Someone use the giant remote control to increase the volume!

So, what was Mr. Waid’s response to my seeming accusation of hypocrisy on his part?

As I admitted in a follow-up tweet, he has a point. Since the entire sequence contains no dialogue except for Norman McCay’s narration, it’s never made clear exactly what caught everyone’s attention.

Curses! Foiled again! I’ll get you one day, Waid! One day! *shakes fist*

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