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Politically Incorrect Theater – Part 10


Oh, Dick Grayson, would your fangirls still swoon over you if they knew what a condescending, sexist douchebag you used to be as a teenager…?

Yeesh, I wonder how he treated Wonder Girl back then...

Yeesh, I wonder how he treated Wonder Girl back then…

This flippy female moment has been brought to you by The Brave and the Bold #100 (February-March 1972) by Bob Haney, Jack Miller, Neal Adams, and Jim Aparo.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 18


While your range of pick up lines may be limited when you’re a hot dog vendor, that doesn’t mean that you have to make a beeline for most suggestive (and obvious) one.

Just be glad she didn't make the counteroffer of shoving those hot dogs up your sorry ass.

The Lowest Common Denominator Catering Company is sponsored in part by Birds of Prey #68 (August 2004) by Gail Simone, Joe Bennett and Ruy Jose.

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