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Scissors Beats Rock


When it comes to a showdown between a knife and a gun wielder, the winner isn’t as clear cut as you might think.

Talk about hitting below the belt.

This extremely delicate situation has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #8 (June 2012) by Duane Swierczynski, Jesus Saiz, and Javier Pina.

Politically Incorrect Theater – Part 3


Remember what happened the last time the Joker visited the United Nations as the representative of a Middle Eastern country in the 1980s? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that DC Comics wishes they could forget all about that. I mean, they’d never try getting away with something that offensive again by making him the ambassador of the DC Universe’s Middle Eastern terrorist state of Qurac, right?


Well, they could just be petty and give him a huge parking ticket.

Oy gevalt.

This even worse example of Islamophobic propaganda has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #16 (April 2000) by Chuck Dixon and Butch Guice.

Pokémon: It’s Serious Business


Don’t believe me? Just ask Big Barda.

So I'm guessing Darkseid is a Pokémon League Champion...?

Today’s insight into the life of a Pokémon Trainer has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #109 (October 2007) by Tony Bedard, Nicola Scott, and Doug Hazlewood.

Chivalry Is Dead


Sometimes I wonder how the Calculator ever managed to get laid, much less father children.

You know, when they say "women and children first", I'm pretty sure this isn't what they mean.

Today’s violation of proper etiquette has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #10 (May 2011) by Gail Simone, Inaki Miranda, and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 18


While your range of pick up lines may be limited when you’re a hot dog vendor, that doesn’t mean that you have to make a beeline for most suggestive (and obvious) one.

Just be glad she didn't make the counteroffer of shoving those hot dogs up your sorry ass.

The Lowest Common Denominator Catering Company is sponsored in part by Birds of Prey #68 (August 2004) by Gail Simone, Joe Bennett and Ruy Jose.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 15


While paying her respects to Blue Beetle one year after his death in the company of Black Canary, her adoptive daughter Sin, and the Huntress, Oracle makes a rather startling confession to her teammates about her private relationship with the late Ted Kord. Unfortunately, in doing so, she raises a rather interesting question: has “the world’s premier infojock and data specialist supreme” ever used all that computer technology at her disposal for…shall we say…less than noble purposes?

No wonder Black Canary adopted a girl name "Sin".

I choose to respond to Black Canary’s disgusting comment thusly:

Is that an invitation to see my dongle?

This textbook definition of “too much information” comes to your courtesy of Birds of Prey #96 (September 2006) by Gail Simone, Paulo Sequeira, Jerry Ordway, and Robin Riggs.

Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 14


There’s something oddly arousing about the fact that the Huntress and Judomaster aren’t above mischievously throwing around creative euphemisms for male genitalia in the heat of battle.

Normally, I'd add my own suggestive comment right about now, but I think they've covered all of the good ones already.

Today’s lesson in juvenile humor has been brought to you by Birds of Prey #101 (February 2007) by Gail Simone, Nicola Scott, and Doug Hazlewood.

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