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User Unfriendly – Part 3


Once again, Apple demonstrates its lack of consideration towards all potential users of its hardware.

Replaced a scratched or damaged smartphone screen with claws probably won't be too easy either.

For the record, replacing a scratched or damaged iPhone screen with claws probably won’t be too easy either.

Today’s smartphone hijinks come to your courtesy of Mercy Sparx #6 (August 2014) by Josh Blaylock and Matt Merhoff.

User Unfriendly – Part 1


Seriously, Apple, did you have to make your operating system so non-intuitive for people from the 1940s?

The Mac OS is not match for the Wrath of God.

The Mac OS’ Extensions conflict is no match for the Wrath of God.

This system failure courtesy of DC 2000 #1 (2000) by Tom Peyer, Val Semeiks, and Prentis Rollins.

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