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Of Good, Evil, and Glossophobia


Apparently, Dr. Wily’s fondness of public speaking is dependent upon his moral and ethical alignment.

So you're a good public speaker when you're bad and a bad public speaker when you're good, then?

So you’re a good public speaker when you’re bad and a bad public speaker when you’re good, then?

Today’s glimpse into the glossophobia of mad scientists has been brought to you by Mega Man #36 (June 2014) by Ian Flynn, Powree, and Gary Martin.

Robosexuality – Part 11


Science will have unleashed hell upon the world when they create romantically oblivious artificial intelligences capable of friendzoning each other.

And that's when Ice Man discovered that the coldest and most barren wasteland isn't in Antarctica. :(

And that’s when Ice Man discovered that the coldest, most barren wasteland on Earth isn’t Antarctica. 😦

This romantic misfire courtesy of Mega Man #22 (April 2013) by Ian Flynn, Ryan Jampole, and Gary Martin.

The Philosophy of Mega Man


I don’t normally use my blog to plug titles that I’m fond of, but if you have a comic book that deals with the ethics of creating weapons of war for personal gain…

…the moral dilemmas that come with creating sentient artificial intelligences…

…and anti-technology terrorists making bomb threats and discussing the danger of giving robots free will…

…and this comic book is not only aimed at children but also based on a 25-year-old video game, then you know you have something special and worth reading.

Seriously, go out and pick up a copy of the new Mega Man series by Archie Comic Publications. It’s the first title I’ve seen in a long time where the writer is as just as much of a fan of the characters as the readers are.

It Came From The Toy Chest – Part 2


Why use a Robot Master weapon when your entire body can be a weapon?

Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth...

Today’s models are the Mega Man 1/10 Scale Full Action Plastic Kits of Proto Man, Roll, and Mega Man by Kotobukiya.

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