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Robosexuality – Part 11


Science will have unleashed hell upon the world when they create romantically oblivious artificial intelligences capable of friendzoning each other.

And that's when Ice Man discovered that the coldest and most barren wasteland isn't in Antarctica. :(

And that’s when Ice Man discovered that the coldest, most barren wasteland on Earth isn’t Antarctica. 😦

This romantic misfire courtesy of Mega Man #22 (April 2013) by Ian Flynn, Ryan Jampole, and Gary Martin.

Robosexuality – Part 10


Just because robots don’t engage in sexual reproduction, doesn’t mean that they’re completely ignorant about the process.

Talk about a whole new kind of baby boom.

This example of spectator birth trauma has been brought to you by Mega Man #7 (January 2012) by Ian Flynn, Chad Thomas, Patrick Spaziante, and Gary Martin.

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