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Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 17


You know that you’ve found someone special when you can shamelessly come on to each other on the job without anyone catching on.

Who knew that foreplay could involve gunplay?

This guide to workplace flirtation comes to you courtesy of Empowered – Volume 1 (March 2007) by Adam Warren.

Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children


When I was between four and six years old, I remember watching the 1967 science-fiction horror movie Quatermass and the Pit with my parents and being left literally knee-knockingly scared by the time it was over. It seems that I’ve found a kindred spirit in Elissa Megan Powers, the eponymous heroine of Empowered, though, in her case, the film that psychologically scarred her as a child was the 1989 voodoo horror flick The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Pleasant screams, Emp.

This nightmarish flashback to your childhood has been brought to you by Empowered – Volume 6 (September 2010) by Adam Warren, Emily Warren, Jo Chen, and Mark Miyake. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Improvisational Exit Strategy


It seems that neither New Jersey white girl ninjas nor eldritch starspawn imprisoned within alien bondage gear are particularly adept at coming up with convincing ways of extracting themselves from awkward situations.

Like we all haven't heard THAT one before.

Today’s example of excuse-making failure comes to you courtesy of Empowered – Volume 1 (March 2007) by Adam Warren.

The Long-Term Negative Effects of Environmental Stressors on Rattus norvegicus


Adam Warren never ceases to amuse when it comes to crazy superheroes, such as the following lunatic cape from Empowered: The Wench With a Million Sighs (December 2009):

Yes. Yes you are.

An Internet poster named Skygazer shares his philosophical musings on this subject:

What is it about shithouse living that has such a deleterious affect on the rodent psyche? Is it the methane? The disdain of neighbors? Is it cultural or biological? And can treatment help?

The world may never know…

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