I Love You, Uncle Batman

Enoch Birnam is living the dream of every ten-year old boy out there.

I would've loved to see how this kid's baptism went down.

I would’ve loved to see how this kid’s baptism (bat-tism?) went down.

This family affair has been brought to you by The Brave and the Bold #98 (October-November 1971) by John Broome, Bob Haney, France Herron, Jim Aparo, Bob Brown, Carmine Infantino and Sy Barry.


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2 Responses to “I Love You, Uncle Batman”

  1. awritershailmarypass Says:

    Who names their children “Enoch” and “Clorinda?”

  2. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Devil worshippers.

    No, seriously. Roger Birnam’s wife Clorinda was a witch and their son Enoch was some kind of Damien Thorne-esque evil godling that her coven of witches and warlocks worshipped.

    Ah, the Silver Age. 😛

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