Nitpicking 101 – Marvin Acme’s Other Woman

Pop quiz: In the classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a photo of the late Marvin Acme taken by Eddie Valiant appeared on the front page of the Los Angeles Chronicle. Which female toon was he pictured with?

I’m guessing most of you said Jessica Rabbit, right?

So, to everyone who answered that, here’s my follow-up question: Are you sure about that?

Because the headline "Man Bites Dog" is so yesterday.

Because the headline “Man Bites Dog” is so yesterday.

Take a closer look.

Man, they were already abusing Photoshop image editing back in 1947.

Man, they were already abusing Photoshop back in 1947.

The female toon with Acme on the newspaper cover bears absolutely no resemblance to Jessica Rabbit. And it’s not just her face, either.

Why does Roger Rabbit look like a toon rabbit version of Scott Disick in that picture?

Why does Roger look like a toon rabbit version of Scott Disick in that picture?

True, both of them sport impressive busts and are wearing shoulderless dresses with evening gloves and stud earrings, but the similarities end there. Faux-Jessica’s dress either has a halter neck or is attached to a choker via a brooch and her gloves are elbow rather than shoulder-length. Perhaps most noticeably, her proportions and facial features are more realistic and human, with the end result being that she looks more like a cartoon version of a sexy woman than a caricature of one.

The real world explanation is, of course, that Jessica Rabbit’s character design apparently underwent a complete overhaul at some point after the live-action sequences were filmed. This does, however, raise the question of why the scenes pictured here weren’t reshot with an updated newspaper prop and a hand double for Bob Hoskins to eliminate the continuity error since they’re all (or at least predominantly) inserts where the actor’s face is never seen.

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