Our Father Who Art In Heaven…?

I don’t know who young Bruce Wayne is praying to and I’m not sure I want to know.

Sounds like he's praying to the Dark God DiDio to me. :P

Sounds like he’s praying to the Dark God DiDio. 😛

Today’s prayer break has been brought to you by Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) by Jim Chambers, Tom Hichey, Bob Kane, Sax Rohmer, Jerry Siegel, Sven Elven, Bill Finger, Homer Fleming, Fred Guardineer, Leo O’Mealia, and Joe Shuster.

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6 Responses to “Our Father Who Art In Heaven…?”

  1. awritershailmarypass Says:

    It’s nice that some origins don’t change on a whim…

  2. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Given how grim and gritty it already is, I don’t think the Powers That Be at DC thinks this particular origin doesn’t need “improvement”…

  3. awritershailmarypass Says:

    I put nothing past them these days.

  4. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I’m not really sure how much worse you make it, though, short of having Joe Chill taking the Waynes out with headshots and leaving Bruce drenched in gore or him attempting to sexual assault Martha as she lay dying. o_O

  5. awritershailmarypass Says:

    Do not give them any ideas.

    Although this kind of sounds like some Frank Miller might write these days…

  6. Lunar Archivist Says:

    When he’s not going after Muslims, anyway…though given that he only ever writes women as whores and gold diggers, you’re right that I probably shouldn’t push my luck. 😛

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