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Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 32


Sexual frustration has two names. And they are Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Dude, you're aware hat there's such a thing as porn, right?

Dude, you’re aware that there’s such a thing as porn, right?

This glimpse into the sex lives of geriatric super parents has been brought to you by Elsewords 80-Page Giant #1 (August 1999) by Kyle Baker, Bronwyn Carlton, Chuck Dizon, Elizabeth Glass, Bob Haney, D. Curtis Johnson, Tom Peyer, Mark Waid, Kieron Dwyer, Trevor Von Eeden, Aaron Lopresti, Greg Luzniak, Ariel Olivetti, Ty Templeton, Enrique Villagran, Anibal Rodriguez, and Joe Rubinstein.

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