Truth, Justice, and the Canadian Way – Part 2

Not to be outdone by Canada Post, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued six commemorative coins for Superman’s 75th anniversary.

The way DC's going, I doubt Superman's going to last another 75 years.

The way DC’s going, I doubt Superman’s going to last another 75 years.

As was the case with the postage stamps rolls, the coins also contain messages written with the Kryptonian substitution cypher (though these are plainly visible rather than hidden) and differ depending on the denomination.
superman-2013commemorativecoinmessages001The top message, which is only present on the 10 Dollar one, simply reads “Superman”. It should be noted, however, that this is only true for the left side of the coin, going clockwise from down to up. In the apparent interest of symmetry, the characters on the right side were simply mirrored and aren’t proper Kryptonian “letters”.

The bottom two messages, which are present on all other denominations, are the same phrase written in Canada’s two official languages, French and English:

75 Years of Superman
Superman: 75 ans déjà

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