Sex and Dating, Superhuman Style – Part 12

“Boy meets girl” follows the same script regardless of whether or not either of those words has the “super” prefix attached to it.


Don’t you hate it when someone ruins the moment?

Today’s example of super-flirting courtesy of Supergirl #76 (January 2003) by Peter David , Ed Benes, and Alex Lei.

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8 Responses to “Sex and Dating, Superhuman Style – Part 12”

  1. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    Aren’t they all related somehow? 0_o

  2. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Yeah…this does look kind of weird in hindsight, doesn’t it? 😛

    Long story short, the modern Superboy was originally supposed to have been the clone of a man named Paul Westfield, the former head of the Cadmus Project. Completely human DNA, no relation to any Kryptonian whatsoever. His origin was later changed so that he was a hybrid clone created from the combined DNA of Lex Luthor and Superman. And the Supergirl he’s exchanging flirtatious glances with here is Superman’s cousin (or an alternate reality version thereof).

    This story originally appeared before that retcon was introduced, but, even taking that into consideration, they’re no more closely related genetically that second cousins…I think. Supergirl shares one-eighth of her DNA with Superman since they’re cousins and since Superboy is the genetic equivalent of Superman’s son, that means they have one-sixteenth of their DNA in common. So we’re not dealing with Kryptonian redneck shenanigans or anything. ^_^;

  3. nightwing17 Says:

    Even so, especially if you were one of a handful of survivors from a lost culture, is it ever wise to flirt with someone by going “hey, we have the same last name!”

  4. Lunar Archivist Says:

    *insert joke about Kryptonian rednecks here* ^_^;

    Also, this:

    And yes, it’s a pretty lousy chat-up line, I can tell you that. But this Supergirl is the original pre-Crisis Silver Age version, which was a lot more innocent time, so that might explain it. 🙂

  5. nightwing17 Says:

    Oh no, I’m well aware of the Kryptonian policy on marriage between cousins.

    And I suppose it makes sense that silver age Kara might be innocent to such things, I mean I’m not even sure if she knows that her horse desperately wants to do unhorsely things with her.

    All of that, however, just makes it more disturbing that Kon is going along with it! 0_0

  6. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Well, Superboy has little knowledge of Kryptonian culture, though I’d be more disturbed since Kara here knows that he looks like a younger version of her cousin and she’s still going along with it.

    To be honest, this entire story arc was a hoot. Peter David lovingly mocked the entire Silver Age throughout by poking fun at all the plot holes, logic gaps, and whatnot. Plus, it also brought us Pink Kryptonite, which has some…interesting properties.

  7. nightwing17 Says:

    So in conclusion there’s nothing alright with this. Oh well, silver age logic.

    Out of curiosity, who was regular Supergirl in that story?

    As for pink kryptonite, I’m not sure if I find that vaguely offensive or absolutely wonderful.

  8. Lunar Archivist Says:

    There was more hilarious Silver Age logic failure in this arc, like the pre-Crisis Supergirl trying to change the Earth’s orbit to avoid a disaster and the (then) contemporary one pointing out how stupid it would be to do something like that even if you could.

    And the regular Supergirl in this story was…well…that’s hard to explain. She started out as a composite entity, the product of the fusion of Linda Danvers, a former devil worshipper turned (almost) murder victim with Matrix, an artificial being created by an alternate universe version of Lex Luthor. By this point in the series, though, the latter’s personality had been removed from the equation and the character was essentially just Linda, who had inherited Matrix’s telekinetic abilities.

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