E-Terrorists, Impartial Journalism, and Being Played

NOTE: In the interest of promoting journalistic integrity and credibility, there are numerous hotlinks below so readers can decide what to think for themselves rather than take my word on anything. I strongly encourage that you draw your own conclusions about the article that you’re about to read. Also, bear in mind the logical fallacy of “poisoning the well” when it comes to the conspiracy theory mentioned here: if the supposition/conjecture part of this blog entry turns out to be false, that does not automatically invalidate the other points mentioned here.

Ever since my last entry
about Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford’s less-than-diplomatic performance on Twitter earlier this week concerning some of the contentious changes made to Borderlands 2 in their latest patch for the game, there’s been an ongoing debate on the Gearbox Software Forums concerning his behavior and actions and whether or not they were justified given the circumstances. There’ve also been accusations levied at his detractors and even The Raging Fanboy claiming that his quotes were taken out of context and are being used to manipulate public opinion in a despicable and dishonest way. Here are a few examples of what’s being said:

So, here are the three basic points the pro-Pitchford side are making that put into question the veracity of some of the claims that I and others have made so far:

1. He was not referring to everyone who disagreed with him as trolls and e-terrorists, only the select few that were being verbally abusive and/or making threats to send Anonymous after him.

2. He lost his cool after being bombarded with negative tweets and comments and decided to respond with hostility after losing his temper in a momentary lapse of judgement.

3. It wasn’t originally his idea to release the Golden Keys to appease the angry fanbase, but did so at the suggestion of a third party.

Unfortunately, since only Randy Pitchford himself has full access to the conversations leading up his comments and several of the posts mentioned by Kaleidodemon have been (in)conveniently deleted or removed following the ban of the Twitterers in question, we may never get the full story. But we can take a closer look at the timeline of events leading up to it based on what remaining fragments of it that we can find online. And the picture it paints is…well…kinda suspicious-looking, to put it mildly, something bestΒ  demonstrated by running down a timeline of events here. Believe it or not, the truly major events in all this happened within the span of around 40 minutes, so things were moving at a breakneck speed.

Please note that all of these times are taken from my laptop, which is set to Eastern Time. So, while the times may differ from the ones that you personally see at home when you attempt to follow these links, their relationships to one another are the same. Don’t assume that these discrepancies are due to my trying to manipulate data, okay? πŸ˜›

November 13th, 2012, 12:57 P.M.
Gearbox Community Manager ChrisF announces the release of Patch 1.2.0 on the Gearbox Software Forums.

November 13th, 2012, 11:32 P.M. and 11:35 P.M.
Randy Pitchford (re)tweets two quotes from satisfied customers praising the company’s efforts.

These tweets seem a bit shameless and self-promotional, but, so far, nothing questionable or inflammatory has been said.

November 14th, 2012, 8:38 A.M.
Randy Pitchford makes a comment directed at members of the fanbase unhappy with the modifications made to The Bee.

This isn’t a benign comment. It’s laced with smugness and sarcasm, and was clearly posted in order to gloat while taking a jab at the people angered by the decision.

November 14th, 2012, 8:40 A.M.
Randy Pitchford makes his first comment about e-terrorists.

This is where Kaleidodemon’s theoretical scenario about “10000 people following him on Twitter, 1000 of them voicing their concerns, and 100 of these people […] taking it to the extreme and be abusive” being the catalyst for Pitchford’s comment starts wandering onto some pretty shaky ground.

For the record, Randy Pitchford currently has over 192000 followers on Twitter. Now, as RecycledHuman correctly pointed out to me in a private message, with that many subscribers, it’s definitely mathematically conceivable that several people tweeted him complaining about what happened. But here’s the thing: between the previous tweet, the response to it, and his response to that response, no more than two minutes have elapsed. So, we’re expected to believe that dozens or hundreds of people read his original tweet, then responded to it – including the one that threatened to send Anonymous after him – and that he then proceeded to sift through these dozens or hundreds of tweets, lose his cool, and post this response…and all this occurred in less than 120 seconds?

Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

What’s far more likely is that he’d been bombarded with criticism ever since the patch was announced on the previous day – if not since he announced on Twitter that the Bee would be nerfed on October 6, 2012 – and that things just came to a head between then and this moment. This definitely looks less like some knee-jerk reaction and more like some long-simmering emotional pot that finally boiled over. Either way, he appears to be intentionally fanning the flames and may even have started this little flame war, which gives him far less moral high ground to stand on than his supporters would have you believe if it’s true.

November 14th, 2012, 8:40 and 8:47 A.M.
Philip Bates makes a comment about the tone of Randy Pitchford’s tweet and the latter responds in kind.

Aside from the seven minute response gap hereΒ  – which just further adds to the implausibility of previous claims about tweet time turnarounds and is far more realistic – it’s important to note that Bates did not refer to Pitchford as a “dickhead”, but referred to the tone of his tweet as “pretty dick-headed”. And he’s absolutely correct, in my assessment. It was a pretty dickish thing to say and he intentionally chose to be an antagonistic, which is unprofessional for a CEO to say the least.

But wait, you’re saying, this Twitterer is probably one of the anti-Bee-nerf supporters and must just be pissed off because Gearbox changed the damn thing. Well, if that’s what you thought, think again.

Yes, that’s right, Philip Bates was for the changes being made and still called Pitchford out on being a dick because he felt that the latter’s confrontational attitude wasn’t productive under the circumstances.

Seriously, if your own supporters think you’re being a douchebag, then that’s a good indication that you probably are.

November 14th, 2012, 8:40 and 8:47 A.M.
Randy Pitchford makes his second e-terrorist comment.

Pitchford’s supporters claim that he never equated dupers – players who duplicate hard-to-find or rare items – with e-terrorists and that he was quoted out of context. Well, that’s the entire conversation the quote was taken from and it sure as hell doesn’t seem that way to me. In fact, unless Pitchford somehow accidentally combined the content of two tweets, it looks more like it pretty much proves what the detractors were saying all along, i.e. that he was trying to lump all the vehemently outspoken dissenters together and use “e-terrorist” as an umbrella term for all of them.

Oh, it’s possible his camp is right, but if someone asks you a straightforward question about item duplication, it’s a bit strange that you’d go off on an unrelated tangent about trolls and flamers unless you somehow equated those various types of troublemakers as being equivalent to one another.

November 14th, 2012, 9:17 and 9:19 A.M.
Roger Sumners suggests that Randy Pitchford fix the situation by handing out bonuses to players in the form of Golden Keys.

Now this is where things start getting interesting!

Roughly forty minutes into this fiasco, a Twitterer named Roger Sumners injects himself into the debate and suggests that Pitchford remedy the situation with a gesture of good fate, and the latter both praises and runs with the idea.

Right about now, you must be thinking “Oh dear, this looks bad for Lunar Archivist! Last time, he insinuated that Randy Pitchford was attempting to divert the fanbase’s attention with a conveniently-timed distraction! But it was based on a suggestion by a third party, so RecycledHuman was right after all! Get the pitchforks and torches and let’s flame this blog to the ground!”

Back the virtual lynch mob up for a moment there, oh conveniently outraged, theoretical reader.

I fully admit that my previous assertion was based largely on humor and anger but also on a nagging suspicion that I couldn’t quite shake. The timing of all this just seemed too convenient to me. But coincidence in timing is hardly proof of wrongdoing. So I did a little digging. And what I found makes the whole situation look even more dubious than I ever thought possible.

Let’s take a closer look at Mr. Roger Sumners of Twitter, shall we?

According to Twitter Birthday, he’s a recent addition to its legion of users, having joined the site on September 28, 2012.

Nothing suspicious about that. But what about the man himself? What are his interests?

Well, by all appearances, he seems to be a major Gearbox fanboy. He’s following the Twitter feeds of all three major accounts linked to the company. Still nothing overly suspicious, but I’d like to know more about him. Maybe we can gleam some personal information by sifting through his Twitter feed?

Wait a minute…what the deuce? He only has two tweets to his name as of this writing and both of them just happen to have been made during the debacle in question?

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re either incredibly fucking fortunate that Mr. Sumners chose exactly the moment he did to stage his online intervention by making his first tweet evah after six weeks of dead silence or something incredibly fucking fishy is going on here.

Let me add some additional information to the mix. All of this may or may not be relevant to the matter at hand, but let’s just embrace insanity for a moment for the sake of argument:

1. Roger Sumners is linked to King Cashing, a slot game-based online RPG.

2. King Cashing was developed byΒ Productions Multimage, a multimedia company based in Quebec, Canada.

3. Productions Multimage specializes in content management systems for online media.

4. Randy Pitchford was a professional magician, which means that he excels at misdirection and manipulating his audience by creating distractions or diverting their attention.

Call me a looney conspiracy theorist if you will, but I get the distinct impression that someone’s pulling a David Manning on us, or something close to it. Yes, this could just all be some crazy coincidence, but good lord, it sure looks to me like someone with ties to Gearbox created a sockpuppet account on Twitter and kept it on ice for just such an occasion. Whether Roger Sumners is an actual flesh-and-blood person who’s friends/associates with Pitchford or one of his employees, a completely fictitious individual created by the publicity or public relations department that was meant to act as a convenient supporter of company policy whenever the need arose, or really just a random innocent bystander is anybody’s guess at this point.

And if you really start swigging back the Kool-Aid, you may just ask yourself exactly how much of this entire incident was real and how much was staged. Did Randy Pitchford actually lose his composure online or did he deliberately start all this in an effort to discredit his critics? Perhaps this was all part of a perverse viral marketing campaign for the latest Borderlands 2 DLC, Mister Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, whose release date just happens to be November 20, 2012? Theories such as these are extremely far-fetched and definitely make an…ahem…bee-line for Crazytown territory, to put it mildly.

When you get right down to it, even in the best case scenario, where all this really is just a convergence of random events, it still doesn’t change or excuse what Pitchford said or did on that day. His reactions may or may not have been justified or even understandable as a fellow human being, but, given his position at Gearbox, he should’ve known better.

I’m not going to tell you what to think. You can make up your minds for yourselves. But I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: if someone here’s trying to pull a fast one on the Borderlands 2 fan community, then it sure as hell isn’t me.

UPDATE (2013.01.21.): Roger Sumners speaks! Mr. Sumners posted a comment on this blog a few days ago reassuring us that he’s not so much a Gearbox sockpuppet as he is a shameless opportunist. Plus, he weighs in on the whole controversy! πŸ™‚

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99 Responses to “E-Terrorists, Impartial Journalism, and Being Played”

  1. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    Oh, I definitely agree with you that something seems odd. I do not think it is something insidious or anything to that effect. However , it seems like a publicity attempt gone bad.

    My theory is that it probably started off as a publicity stunt but kind of spiraled out of control with some damage control. There is no such thing as bad publicity, i.e. twitter war between supporters of the bee nerf vs those against the bee nerf,

    It became bad publicity when R.P. got a little too personal and called a section of his paying customers e-terrorists, dick heads and.or educated on good behavior. There is no such thing as bad publicity except when it comes to alienating your customers.

    I would also not be surprised those tweets R,P. initially posted supporting the bee nerf were from those affiliated or employed by Randy.

  2. Lunar Archivist Says:

    The conclusion I’ve come to is similar to yours: I’m pretty sure Roger Sumners is either a fictitious pro-Gearbox persona whose creation was authorized by the publicity/marketing devision or he’s someone linked to the company that they called on to diffuse the situation that Pitchford set up for himself.

  3. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    You definitely connected the dots.

    It’s not conspiracy theory at all – but supporters will definitely call it as such. It definitely gives an objective reader something to think about.

    Like i said earlier, the intentions are not nefarious in nature but it’s definitely kind of funny but it’s also in a way creepy at the same time.

    Keep up the great work with this blog.

  4. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. πŸ™‚

    And I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on the nature of this whole thing. I find it outrageous that a company like Gearbox would apparently resort to these kinds of dishonest, unethical tactics to essentially play two sides of the fanbase off of each other in order to deflect attention away from their own questionable decisions.

  5. kratos75 Says:

    Well if you think thats bad enough, it just gets worse
    I just received a ban from the Gearbox forums for speaking negatively about the low drop rates, level scaling etc
    As far as im concerned that whole company is totally corrupt and Randy has shown to be a professional liar- re his pre release interviews about the game, and they cant handle people like you and I for critisising him and his company
    Im totally disgusted at the way they treated me

  6. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Sorry to hear it, dude. 😦

    Is it a permaban or just a temporary ban?

  7. kratos75 Says:

    Banned until 10th December
    Its just the way these crooks operate isnt it……someone like me exposes them, they cant take the heat so they shut them down
    Thanks for your support my friend πŸ™‚

  8. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I’m not sure how much exposing you did, but I do know that the mods are huge brown nosers.

    No problem about the support. Maybe you can use your sudden extra time to mess with that inventory glitch I sent you? πŸ˜‰

  9. kratos75 Says:

    Yup 100% agreement with you there, huge brown noses is an understatement, and i do promise to try out that inventory glitch
    Im so glad i found this blog of yours

  10. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I’m always glad to have more people, even if most visitors who’ve visited in the last 24 hours or so now think I’m a crackpot. πŸ™‚

    By the way, just FYI, I’ve gotten the bank glitch inventory number up to 140/150 now with no problems…yet. *knocks on wood*

  11. tnag Says:

    The comment from Randy of, “…but some are dick headed. They only respond to dick headedness” was pretty uncalled for. The first rule of the Internet is pretty much DON’T FEED THE TROLLS, too many people forget that rule, and RP forgot it spectacularly here.
    I hope this stunt bites him in the ass harder than it already is. As the CEO, he needed to bite his tongue. Gearbox is a good company putting out good games and can really be hurt by a CEO flying off the handle publicly. He could have made a far less inflammatory comment than, “I guess some people just like broken games.” Positive spin? “This change may make the game a little more difficult, but it also gives you a larger sense of satisfaction when you do complete tasks.”
    And the whole e-terrorist thing is a crock of crap. The way it was used pretty much called anyone who dissented an e-terrorist. There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and calling in Anonymous.

    tl;dr: Randy lost his head and should apologize for his behaviour.

  12. Lunar Archivist Says:

    And let’s not even touch the “train good behavior” and “educate” comments. It brings to mind visions of children, dogs, or Big Brother, take your pick.

  13. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    β€œI guess some people just like broken games.”

    This comment always makes me laugh. One should just retort:
    “Oh, so you are admitting you sold us a broken game or more time should’ve been spent testing the game instead of a strategic release before the holidays and before Halo and CoD.”

  14. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I think that exceeds the maximum number of permissible characters in a tweet. πŸ˜‰ I settled for this, though:

    “Your game’s still broken. It’s just worse now than it was previously.”

  15. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    I don’t use twitter =X. Nicely done sir.

  16. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Thank you, good sir. πŸ™‚

    Yours would’ve been a better response. I was tempted to just say. “Of course we do! We bought ‘Borderlands 2’, didn’t we? Can’t get more broken than that.”

  17. Delirium Says:

    Well, I’ve always liked Randy and his company, but this is just absurd. Of course it’s all a ploy, CEOs don’t just lose it like that, it’s text on a screen, seriously. I totally see how Randy just basically used this in the way you’ve described, stranger things have happened. The “e-terrorist” thing? Pff, he sounded like a child.

    Also, brilliantly written, it’s hard to find a good blow, nowadays, no doubt you’ll be going in my “Favorites” πŸ˜‰

  18. Darth Nikon Says:

    Good work with the possible sockpuppet account there. I just have to shake my head at the transparency of that.

    Thing is, as a former stage magician, I expect misdirection and hyperbole out of him, but I also expect him to handle hecklers a hell of a lot better.

    Then again, maybe that’s why Randy got out of the magician biz.

    @Kratos75 – which FanyBoyMod did you torque off? I know Psychichazard’s had it in for me since I got there (I have the audacity to call out the BS of his pals) but I’m pretty sure he lost it when I caught him fabricating that Pitchford quote.

  19. Rilgon Arcsinh Says:

    See, I’m more impressed that I’ve managed to *avoid* being banned (even temporarily) in this whole fracas. I just wish I could’ve known that things would pan out like this before I spent basically $90 on BL2 and the Season Pass. Oh well.

    And thanks for permission to post links to this on Tumblr. πŸ™‚

  20. kratos75 Says:

    I;m pretty sure i pissed off BobtheEnzyteGuy, and it was that damn Psychichazzard that got me banned, he has it in for me as well ever since i started to critisize Randy and Gearbox….the whole thing is a pathetic joke

  21. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Just a warning to everyone: I’ve downplayed the conspiracy theory somewhat since this original version of this blog entry was published because I don’t want people to ignore and discredit the rest of this article if that part of it turns out to be wrong. That would make thing too easy for the pro-Pitchford/Gearbox side.

    Delirium: Thanks for the kind words. Hope you stick around. Interesting stuff does pop up here once in a while. πŸ™‚

    Darth Nikon: I can’t say for sure if it’s a sockpuppet account or not, but I just find the convergence of random events ridiculously convenient. A minor Twitter flame war erupts one week before the new DLC is supposed to be released and a random online good samaritan decides to intervene?

    Rilgon Arcsinh: No problem. πŸ™‚

    And by the way Kratos75 and Darth Nikon, feel free to hang around. It’s no message board, but you can badmouth the mods there all you want here without any negative repercussions. πŸ™‚

    On a side note, I’ve brought this article to the attention of a few individuals who have better connections than me and are actual journalists rather than potential tinfoil-hat-wearers-in-training. If anyone can find any solid evidence here, it’s them.

  22. steve Says:

    Twitter is for girls.

  23. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Correction: Twitter is for everyone. πŸ™‚

  24. kratos75 Says:

    Heres more proof for you, have a look at this link where that POS psychichazard has stepped in once again because someone called out 1 of the fan boys of GBX, what a joke that forum has become, as soon as anyone speaks the truth they get slammed for it


  25. kratos75 Says:

    If this is a double post feel free to delete it, i posted something but i cant see it hence me saying the same thing, lol

    Heres some more proof for you, i will post a link where it will show that POS psychichazard once again stepping in because someone called out 1 of the fan boys of GBX, the guy wasnt being disrepectful at all, he simply called out OrochiBebop because he lied about someone


  26. Darth Nikon Says:

    Well, “Roger’s” account has remained absolutely static since the incident, so I’m not too worried about anything being disproved. Even if it *is* a real person, it’s not a stretch to think they’re connected to Randy/Gearbox given their output.

    Kratos75: yep, cross one of the members of the fanboy clique and their mod friends will come down on you. Doesn’t work out so well, though. I’m sure all that extra time I’ve had to vent on Twitter and Tumblr is worse than any minor criticism they may have stopped on the forums. I’m pretty sure Heycarnut would hate my Tumblr, for instance. XD

    Steve: What’s wrong with girls?

  27. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Darth Nikon: I’d prefer an actual smoking gun so we can nail them to the wall, as it were. Oh well, maybe someone else can dig up some more solid evidence to prove it. I’ve exhausted all the options that my time and resources allow.

    The irony is that RecycledHuman’s the reason I even bothered looking into that Twitter account in the first place. If he hadn’t been so focused on discrediting me by repeatedly pointing out – not incorrectly, mind you – that a third party had suggested giving away Golden Keys rather than Randy himself, I might not have given it a second thought.

    I really wish that a bunch of players pissed off about this would band together and post videos on YouTube of raid parties made up entirely of characters equipped with the Bee and taking down the raid bosses with Error Messages and Conference Calls. πŸ˜›

  28. kratos75 Says:

    Lunar Archivist: my posts dont seem to be showing up?, i will keep trying πŸ™‚

  29. kratos75 Says:

    Thats strange, they are now? all good πŸ™‚

    anyway this is what i had posted before:

    Heres some more proof for you, i will post a link where it will show that POS psychichazard once again stepping in because someone called out 1 of the fan boys of GBX, the guy wasnt being disrepectful at all, he simply called out OrochiBebop because he lied about someone. I’m sure you know of hundreds of instances just like this. Apparently PH’s 2 faced and double standard of applying his “disparaging comments towards others is not allowed”, bs is being selectively used by that idiot Mod to only target people who speak out against Gearbox or its fan boys


  30. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Your posts got flagged as spam for some reason. Fixed. πŸ™‚

  31. kratos75 Says:

    Awesome! thanks Lunar Archivist πŸ™‚

  32. Deschain19 Says:

    I understand how RP’s comments might have been offensive to some. However, the only people I can think of that they would have offended are either self-righteous or decide to take everything on twitter too seriously.

    I see articles or blogs like this all the time about many different games, CEOs, etc. and this is one of the tamest strings of comments I’ve seen vilified so far. I don’t understand why CEOs are supposed to be some kind of higher power that isn’t allowed to communicate candidly and in plain, casual language like everyone else. The only reason I can see for this is the way communities respond to it, not for any other more solid reason to do with the role of the CEO themselves.

    For example, if I was talking to people in my day-to-day life, I wouldn’t think twice about one of them referring to people as e-terrorists in a non-literal and off-hand way. This is the way I read RP’s posts and it all made perfect sense to me and nothing he said made me think twice, either. That is, until people started making a big deal about it all.

    So, I read your two blog posts (including this one) and read the posts by RP, and I’m still only seeing how this could be a big deal if people like you decide to be offended by, at most, mildly offensive comments. The fact is that customers and the masses are trainable. What do you guys think marketing is? How do you think advertisement works?

  33. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I haven’t seen many CEOs who went on Twitter for the express purpose of gloating or trolling unhappy customers. Maybe we hang out in vastly different Internet circles, who knows?

    The difference here is that Pitchford is apparently referring to everyone who vehemently disagrees with him or his company’s policies as an e-terrorist. If he were using that term to refer to, say, Anonymous following an attempt to crash Gearbox’s servers for the lulz or the people who released the Graveyard.sav virus on Xbox LIVE (assuming that was done on purpose), then he might have more of a point. But angry customers, dupers, and modders? Really?

    As for training…I’m nobody’s marketing dog, and don’t appreciate being referring to as one. And it’s hilariously hypocritical of Pitchford to go on Twitter claiming that the masses need to be educated and be trained to show good behavior while he goes around calling people e-terrorists and dickheads and getting them banned from it, to say nothing of how the Gearbox Forum moderators are handing out infractions and doing the same to anyone insulting him on the message boards. As I said in this tweet…

    Pot? Kettle. Black. πŸ˜›

  34. Volt Says:

    With this bee nerf, I’m not wasting any more time on BL2. Most things take twice or more the time to kill and contrary to what Randy may think, some people have jobs. Thank goodness I didn’t buy the season pass. Goodbye, BL2 and Gearbox.

  35. kratos75 Says:

    Volt:, you wouldnt be the only one who feels this way, We were all conned into getting our copies of Borderlands 2 by all that pre release BS Randy spouted with his interviews etc. The man is a professional con man and a former stage magician, and a liar who used the former success of BL1 to entice everyone into buying a product that completely fails to deliver what was promised. Every patch and change they make makes the game worse and worse and the utter arrogance and disdain Randy and his company has for his customers who legitimately point out the bad direction in which BL2 is going, and not listening to us is the last straw for me.
    Have you checked out the Gearbox forums? you get infractions for daring to speak out negatively against their idol, its so pathetic
    Randy literally revolts me now, so im glad to be known as an “e-terrorist”

  36. Deschain19 Says:

    You kind of already went over this, but I assumed he was talking about the guy that said Anonymous should attack Gearbox (and people like him) that take it too far.

    Other than that, you may not be a “marketing dog” but you cannot debate the fact that the majority of consumers are. You were a leader in this blogger/media response in these circles, I believe. Most people are simply readers.

    In fact, this entire scheme that you put forth relies on the predictability of the haters. There could have been no “distraction” without all these people making it. I agree with many of the problems people have with the game, but wouldn’t suggest Gearbox should be attacked by e-terrorists (which some people DID do).

    I’m pretty sure he was reacting and referring to the extremely rude internet haters which we all see whenever we get online. He should have been able to ignore them, considering how common they are. However, I don’t see why he should be OBLIGATED to. He was not overly rude in my opinion.

    My main point, though, is that I don’t believe he was referring to me and you. Yet many people are taking it so personally, as if he was talking to them directly, though I doubt he was actually referring to many people.

  37. Lunar Archivist Says:

    “You were a leader in this blogger/media response in these circles, I believe.”

    I’d hardly call myself a leader when it comes to anything with the crappy amount of hits this blog gets. πŸ˜›

    It’s part of good PR to roll with the punches. Gearbox was already forcing through a hotly contested change to an in-game item. Had he simply said something along the lines of “The Bee’s been nerfed. Sorry to disappoint. Had to be done for balance.”, that would’ve been fine. But what he essentially said was, “Yeah, we nerfed the hell out of it. Suck on that, complainers.” That’s childish and unprofessional no matter which way you slice it. I mean, if you post something like that, what kind of response do you expect to get?

    The “scheme” I’m putting forth isn’t as unreliable as you’d think. The minute Pitchford’s original tweet about the Bee getting nerfed appeared in early October, multiple threads were started up on the Gearbox forums, the most prolific of which stretched on for dozens of pages, debating the merits of the decision. The fans themselves were whipping themselves into a frenzy. All he had to do was light a match to cause the thing to explode…which is exactly what he did.

    As for marketing, it’s one thing to be manipulated when the attempts are relatively transparent and obvious. It’s quite another when you have potential suckpuppets and the online equivalent of astroturfing or what have you.

  38. Deschain19 Says:

    I know the scheme is not unreliable. That’s my point. The predictability of the masses is what the plan would hinge on. That’s proving that their behavior is predictable and, by extension, trainable. In other words, the frenzy can’t start unless the people are volatile in the first place. That’s my biggest problem with the online community (and I guess the people of the world). That’s the worst part of these situations in my opinion. No matter what the scheme was or wasn’t, someone suggested that Anonymous should be called in because a patch didn’t change everything they wanted changing.

    Also, all he said was that he wished The Bee was nerfed more. The way he said it was a bit snarky, but it also says that the actual patch was a compromise. This is something people didn’t seem to care about at the time, because they seemed to dislike the idea of someone thinking they like to abuse broken mechanics…. However, this seems to be a fact of their behavior if they’re upset about The Bee’s slight nerf.

    I’m still a bit confused though. Your article gives some evidence that they may have used a sock puppet account to help calm the waters after the fervor got worked up, but I’m not understanding what suggests that he may have intentionally started the whole thing to lead to that point in order to “distract” from the issue. Wouldn’t it have been simpler, completely ethical, and true to their track record to just give out the keys right off the bat in celebration/apology for the patch/nerf? I apologize if it wasn’t you who I heard this last part of the theory from. I’ve seen so many posts about this.

  39. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I think part of our disagreement hinges on what “training good behavior” is referring to here. I agree with you completely that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, and flaming and threatening Pitchford in no way helped the situation. It’s one thing to suggest that complaints and concerns worded in a polite fashion are more likely to be acknowledged and addressed. That’s always the case. But it’s hypocritical to demand politeness and respect from your fanbase while demonstrating none of your own, and to not only break unpopular news in a snarky fashion but also to rub salt in the wounds of those who’re unhappy. If there’s anything else than a sore loser, it’s a sore winner.

    And while I completely agree that asking Anonymous to intervene in this case would’ve been ridiculous, I can understand why people would feel that way. A lot of people feel like Gearbox was thumbing their nose at the fan community, and hacktivists are one of the few groups of people who can successfully thumb their nose back at companies and corporations and make it hurt.

    Besides, Gearbox hasn’t bothered addressing other concerns that many fans have which are equally valid and they also feel lessens the gaming experience. People have been complaining about the game’s steep and sometimes brutal learning curve, the cheap tactics used by the AI (including zerg rushes and one-shot-kills), and the pathetically low drop rates. But the company’s done nothing to address any of these and Pitchford’s made clear that he intends to do nothing about the last one. So being polite doesn’t always get you results either.

    What many people fail to grasp, Pitchford and Gearbox among them, is that people had different reasons for abusing the Bee. Some just wanted to tear through the game as if they were in God Mode, thus disrupting multiplayer mode with their antics if they ever joined a game. I can completely understand why people would get pissed off at that. But some people were using this broken game mechanic to counterbalance what they felt was an equally broken one, namely the crappy drop rates and an unrewardingly frustrating loot system. It evened the playing field and made farming and looting less tedious. With the Bee nerfed, it’s became a massive chore once again and many people have stated that they would sooner quit playing the game than have things take three or four times as long as it used to….because it was taking long enough already before. And this is not even counting the other stuff that patch has done to make the fanbase’s lives more miserable, like boosting the health of the optional and raid bosses and making sure that the raid bosses no longer drop Seraph Crystals when soloed, thus not only preventing anyone who doesn’t like to or can’t participate in multiplayer games from obtaining the rare items that can be bought with that currency, but also punishing them for it. It’s exclusionary, discriminatory, forces people to play the game in a manner they’re dictating, and just cranks up the frustration level another notch.

    The other major reason people are pissed off about the Bee nerf is that there are other, equally valid concerns that they felt should’ve gotten more of a priority, like the fact that Badass Ranks can still get randomly deleted or erased or the Warrior having a tendency to either spew part of the loot he drops into the lava or land on top of it, rendering it unretrievable in both cases. And there’s also the aforementioned drop rates and difficulty settings.

    As for Pitchford’s potential motives (assuming for the sake of argument that he had ulterior ones), there’re many possibilities:

    1. He might have been wanted to widen the schism between the fans who were for and against the Bee nerf and have them argue amongst each other rather than take our their collective anger against him and his company (something which was well on its way to happening anyway).

    2. This patch came out exactly one week before the release of the “Mister Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage” DLC and he may have wanted to generate some easy publicity for the release by generating artificial controversy.

    3. He might simply have wanted to vent his frustration at the flak he’s been getting by letting loose and then have the sockpuppet conveniently bail him out after he’d stoked the fires long enough.

    And yes, handing out a large number of Golden Keys right off the bat would’ve been simpler, completely ethical, and truer to their track record. Which makes you wonder why they didn’t simply do it or make an even more grandiose gesture of good faith to appease the fans.

  40. Deschain19 Says:

    I see better where you’re coming from now. I still think it was silly how offended people got, but that’s just personal differences I guess.

    So your suggestion that he started the whole thing in the first place is complete supposition based solely on possible motives for it? That part seems rather convoluted. Out of those possibilities, 3 seems the most likely.

    As far as the sock puppet theory goes, I’m not very familiar with Twitter. Is there any advantage to having a Twitter account when it comes to easily watching different feeds? Are there ever any sweepstakes that companies put on that require you to have a Twitter account in order to enter (such as a “watch this feed and get an entry” sort of thing)? I’m just trying to figure out how likely it is for people to have Twitter accounts lying around that they never actually post with.

  41. Darth Nikon Says:

    People? Not so likely.

    Companies and their PR firms? It’s now a standard tactic, they’re just smarter about not getting caught these days.


    Which is more likely, companies stopped using fake Twitter accounts (that take literally minutes to set up for free) because they learned they’re evil, or they learned how not to get caught doing it so obviously?

  42. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Well, just to throw a solid number into the mix here: I just checked my in-game clock and I’ve currently invested just over one hundred hours into this game and its two DLCs (4 days, 4 hours, 24 minutes, and 17 seconds to be exact). Do you know how many Legendary items I’ve found so far? One. And that’s only because it was a MANDATORY drop. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Critics keep accusing fans complaining about the drop rates about wanting these rare items to become so widespread that they’re practically dropping out of the sky like manna from heaven. Hardly. But one hundred hours and not even one random one shows up from a single enemy or in a single chest? I could spend years doing this until “Borderlands 4” comes out and end up counting the number I’ve found between now and then on one hand at this rate.

    I suggested that Pitchford having deliberately started this flame war as a PR stunt was one possibility. And, in spite of having advanced the conspiracy theory here, I’m pretty sure that Occam’s Razor is valid: Pitchford probably just lost it and had someone bail him out once he realized how deep in he was.

    As for Twitter, the jury’s out on that. Some people I’ve talked to say that not even bothering to personalize it by creating your own avatar and not making a single tweet is very suspicious, at least one Reddit member says he only made a Twitter account to get Shift keys and has never bothered tweeting himself, etc. I personally have a friend who created one and put up a picture of herself but has been so busy that she hasn’t posted her first tweet even now, years later. Having a Twitter account and never getting around to using it? Not really suspicious. But having your first and only tweets be ones that are timed conveniently enough to help a CEO remove the foot he’d just stuck in his mouth? It raises a flag for me, especially when the pro-Pitchford/Gearbox keeps calling attention to that fact that a third party suggested the Golden Keys reward.

    I mean, let’s just flesh my crazy conspiracy theory out completely for a moment: if we assume that Roger Sumners is a completely fictitious individual, it’s no stretch of the imagination to assume that the sockpuppet account belongs to a PR company that has both Gearbox Software and Productions Multimage as clients. Alternatively, he could be a friend and associate of Pitchford or someone at the company who was called on to help out. There’s also the possibility that he’s a completely innocent person and good samaritan with zero ties to Gearbox that just happens to be a huge fan of theirs and enjoy playing “King Cashing” on his cell phone and doesn’t use Twitter much.

    Honestly, I’d love to find out which one of those three he is. πŸ™‚

  43. Deschain19 Says:

    Wow. I’d be pretty upset if I were in your place. My wife and I played casually through without farming and haven’t even finished all the side quests of PT 2.5 and we’ve found just a little under 10 legendaries, one of which I found before level 5 on a new character, 2 or 3 of which my wife is currently using at level 50. Personally, I think something might be wrong with the system of randomization.

  44. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I’d like to make a minor correction: my stats indicate that I have thus far found two Orange items in 100 hours: one is the Flame of the Firehawk. The other one is the custom skin dropped by the Warrior for my character’s class. Still, both are mandatory drops.

    Oh, and for the “pics or it didn’t happen” crowd, here’s proof of my claim:


    And yes, I’m pretty pissed off and I’m not alone. What makes my anger about the Bee even more bizarre is that I’ve never found one, nor have I found any of the guns you’d need to make it effective, like a Conference Call or a Baby Maker. I mean, with the rates I’m experiencing, how the hell could I be expected to? That’s what makes its loss even more frustrating. It seems like abusing it would be the only way to raise my drop rate as well as those of the other unfortunate souls like me to the levels you’re experiencing. And now that option has been taken away from us. That’s exactly why we’re so damn upset about the nerf.

    Many fans suspect that something’s screwy with the randomization system as well, because all stories so far seem to fall within the two extremes: either people find them at the rate you do or the rate that I do. And hearing the latter group telling the former group that they’re doing it wrong or exaggerating just grates on our nerves. We’d have preferred that Gearbox look into this issue rather than have Pitchford deprive us of one of the tools that could’ve helped end our dry spell and dismiss our concerns by saying “The design team thinks the drop rates are fine”.

    Like hell they are, Randy, you douchebag.

  45. kratos75 Says:

    If Randy thinks that the drop rates are fine, then he has truly lost all touch with reality, never seen such misguided arrogance in someone before, and someone this hell bent on taking BL2 in a direction that most people are saying is wrong and terrible proves he is unfit to be a CEO of Gearbox or any other company
    Douchebag is way too polite a term to be used for the likes of him

  46. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    Wow two orange items. Don’t you get two from storyline quests anyways? Ouch that is terrible.

  47. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Those two orange items ARE the ones from the storyline quests. That means 100 hours and zero Legendary drops from enemies or found in chests.

    This is why people keep comparing this game to an MMO, what with the abysmal drop rates and raid bosses.

  48. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Well, looks like the Loot Gods heard my cries of anger. ^_^;

    After another four or five hours plunked into this game, I suddenly get two Legendaries within less than 45 minutes fighting Mortar and Rakkman. Low level, but still. :O

    I stand by my original statement, though: the drop rate in this game is seriously messed up. πŸ˜›

  49. frankgrimes78 Says:

    Wow you make some really good effing arguments for the whole convenient Twitter saviour kind of thing. Don’t forget they knew there was going to be a bunch of pissed off gamers at the lack of gore a la Borderlands 1, specifically the tame assed death animations. Thus lending more evidence to the whole conspiracy theory thing. A new thread popped up titled something like”Pre launch media”whatever and it discusses the differences in what was discussed by Randy P. and other Gearbox staff pre launch and what the final product turned out be. Also like this great post, the person behind it uses tons of proof, all the different stories are right there, and the mods made the guy change the original title even!Anyway great read.

  50. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    Congrats lol.

  51. KeatonsPoppa Says:

    There is an important tweet that happened right before these that got no light. I was on Shitter during the entire event.
    I was actually the person that was called a dickhead. I was called a dickhead for calling Randy out about nerfing the bee before fixing game breaking issues, such as freezing. I did not give a shit about the nerf. I was more disgusted that, after two months of people suffering from freezing issues, they would resolve to spend time on a nerf instead of fixing the more pressing issues.
    Before this discussion went down, I and others were questioning Randy as to the purpose of all of the DLC being outsourced so GBX could focus on Aliens instead of BL2. At one point Randy became aggravated and said that anyone who was not happy, with the current state of BL2, should go down immediately and trade them game in or sell it on E-bay. Randy was in rare form this day and I can promise you, as a person that was involved in the entire incident, this was no marketing ploy. It was exactly what it looked like, Randy Pitchford losing his cool, mocking his face base, showing his arrogance and generally putting down the people that pay his bills. People think that Randy cares about them, because he is on twitter, they don’t realize that he is there merely to push a buck.

  52. KeatonsPoppa Says:

    Sorry, have to correct an issue. Randy was mocking his fan base, not face base.

    Also, regarding drop rates. They are beyond abysmal. GBX knew they were and would piss people off. That is why we have SHIFT codes. SHIFT codes were meant to try to offset the rage of finding only shit loot over 100+ hours of play and keep people interested and playing. Many would have quit sooner, due to drop rates, had they not been receiving SHIFT codes. I have 135+ hours and have found 3 legendaries. 1 Launcher and two mods. Only one actually dropped in the game, the other two were purchased. My entire inventory, otherwise, came from golden keys. I have literally found nothing, in game, that is better than what I got from using keys. Not one single item. Not even my legendaries.

  53. KeatonsPoppa Says:

    It is also worth mentioning that after Pitchford called me a dickhead, I responded in kind calling him an arrogant dickhead. Within two minutes of my post calling him basically the same thing he had called me, he had me banned from twitter for sending “unsolicited tweets” to him. How hypocritical is that.

    I believe that if there were a scheme behind the days events, it was to enrage people, that had been critical of the games direction and other aspects of GBX actions, enough to get them to act out so he could have them banned from twitter. Thus, eliminating the element that was unhappy, thus far with their purchase of the game. If this were the case, the ploy would have been to lose the bad publicity of the game, from users of the game, before it detracted from holiday sales. People listen to users opinions far more than they listen to anyone else.

  54. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Duke Neurorads Doc: And then I got a third one a few hours after my last comment. This has been a really strange day.

    Kratos75: Well, Pitchford apparently knows business well enough to have been the founder and CEO of a software company for over a decade, so he’s clearly not completely incompetent. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t need some work, though.

    Frankgrimes78: Thanks for the kind words. Again, insert usual disclaimer here about none of this being proven yet with hard evidence, but the coincidences in timing are suspicious enough to be worth investigating.

    KeatonsPoppa: I believe I remember you from the Gearbox Forums, as something there mentioned a Twitter ban.

    Not to cast doubt your version of events, but if you have screenshots or e-mail transcripts of the Twitter conversations in question, I’d be interested in seeing them. Might make for an interesting update.

    And, as mentioned in my article, you could still have been sucked into a marketing ploy if Pitchford lost his temper “on purpose” and tried to made an example of you and anyone else who crossed his path that night.

    Also, after playing through most of Mister Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage. I get the distinct impression that Gearbox has taken a few jabs at fans with it. One mission involves Mister Torgue asking you to kill some people who gave some games he enjoyed bad reviews and another has you killing anonymous bounty board trolls. πŸ˜›

  55. kratos75 Says:

    Thats odd, you appear to be defending Randy’s competence as a CEO after both you and I have referred to him as a Douchebag
    I stand by my statement regardless, his lack of cool, his mockery of his fan base, his arrogance, and his unwillingness to listen to others IMO makes him completely incompetant to run Gearbox or any other company
    The fact that he has done so for 10 years is no proof that he is good at his job, it merely proves he is a very good professional liar and knows how to work the system to his favour

  56. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Most definitely NOT defending the guy. I’m just saying that douchebaggery and poor work skills don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I think he’s an asshat based on his behavior on Twitter, but I have no idea what his professional career looks like as far as successes and failures go, so I can’t really make a call on that.

    That being said, Borderlands 2 has been mismanaged in several ways and has some serious flaws with it that aren’t being addressed.

  57. KeatonsPoppa Says:

    I will check on the emails. I don’t do twitter. Was there simply as a fan of GBX. I had never used it prior to the release of BL2. I LOVED BL1 and have been a fan of GBX since Blue Shift and Opposing Force. Both for Half-Life.
    I was not on Twitter, that day, to become engaged in anything like what went on. I was simply there to express my perception of the troublesome situation of the direction in which GBX was heading. I was curious as to why they would allow another company to do the DLC for their flagship IP.. I told him that it was a bad business move and people would perceive them as “Greed Box”, as all one needs to do is follow basic lines of thinking to realize that they did it so they could maximize profits in several ways. Number one, they are paying someone less than they would be paying people from their own company to do it, maximizing profits as they knew the DLC season passes would sell early. People were misled and givin the idea that all DLC would be Knoxx quality. Why would anyone have reason to doubt that? It’s GBX after all. Number two, it maximizes profits by allowing GBX to focus on Aliens and push it out only months after BL2.

  58. Lunar Archivist Says:

    “Claptrap’s Robot Revolution” was also outsourced to another company, and it was not one of the better DLCs to come out for the original game, though most players seem to think that “Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot” was the worst one…and that one was made by Gearbox, so it’s kind of a toss up.

    Still, I’ve found both DLCs so far enjoyable – Mister Torgue and Captain Scarlett are fun/memorable characters in their own right, especially the former – but I don’t think either one’s on par with “The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned” and definitely not with “The Secret Armory of General Knoxx”.

  59. KeatonsPoppa Says:

    Oh yeah, I was immediately banned from the forums after stating that Randy had just got me band from Twitter for sending him “unsolicited tweets”.

  60. Deschain19 Says:

    Just out of curiosity, I went back and looked at those stats for playtime and orange loot or purchase in my game. There seems to be an even larger discrepancy than I had though between our experience and yours. This is all loot, I might add, no Torgue or other vending machines involved.

    My wife and I have 4 days, 17 hours of play time on our two characters that we only ever play together with. In that time, I’ve looted 6 legendaries and she’s looted 7, so 13 overall. Again, we’ve only ever played together with those characters, and only the two of us (without friends to bring the games up to 3 or 4 players).

    Add to this that I’ve encountered 2 more legendaries on a newer character who is not even level 20 yet.

    Something is very different between my experience and yours.

  61. Darth Nikon Says:


    Well, I found out what I got temp-banned for back on the 4th…


    Pointing out someone said something dumb is “Disruptive Behavior,” “Please don’t insult other forum users.”

    and I can’t link to the second one, apparently the thread got disappeared., but Kaleidodemon was on one of his judgmental/quasi-religious rants and I called him on it, and mods have to stick together I guess. Apparently calling them on their BS is disrespecting them now.

    Man, Psychichazard really must be angry about my busting him making up that Randy Pitchford quote. XD

  62. Darth Nikon Says:

    As to Deschain19 – I’ve always thought it was entirely plausible that for some reason, the code wasn’t behaving the same way between different machines, much less systems (PC/XBox/PS3). Maybe it’s the RNG seed method, maybe it’s some other factor in the code. But it’s entirely possible that the people upset about the drop rates really are having a horrible experience, while other people are getting drops just fine and really can’t see the problem.

    What I want to know is, is it really a code problem? Does Gearbox realize it and just doesn’t know how to fix it, so they pretend it’s working as intended so they don’t have to admit that? Or do they expect this level of variance/don’t think it needs fixed and just don’t care/believe that it’s not fun for players?

  63. Duke Neurorads Doc Says:

    Have you been reading up on the whole Cobra sniper fiasco? People going crazy over this piece of loot is like next season’s Louis Vuitton bag lol.

    I never really had a problem with PH and Kal really:


    Lol teacher’s pets. And they didn’t even do a full investigative search before slinging accusations. Good thing they’re not rocket surgeons.


    Might explain the poor drop rates?


  64. Lunar Archivist Says:

    “Something is very different between my experience and yours.”

    Deschain19: Yes, yes there is. I think you’re playing the copy of the game that I set out to buy while I’m stuck playing whatever the hell this thing is. πŸ˜›

    Darth Nikon: I’ve gone from 108 hours without finding a single Legendary to finding one roughly every two to three hours in the past nine hours. I think it’s safe to say that something’s really messed up here.

    Right now, I have two strange theories about this:

    1. The game’s tips flat out state that you get better loot when you’re in multiplayer mode. Deschain19’s results may actually back up this fact and explain the vast disparity of Legendary drop rates between our two games. Also, if this is true, it’s indicative of a bigger problem, namely that Gearbox really does want to punish single players for some reason even though this is supposed to be a single player game with a multiplayer option and not a multiplayer game with a single player option.

    2. My other theory is that finding your first Legendary might automatically trigger something that makes finding additional ones more likely, though not necessarily easier. I got Rakkman’s Legendary drop the first time I fought him, Mortar’s after the first time I fought him in weeks, and Madame Von Bartlesby’s on my third try. Before my first drop, I’d killed Hunter Hellquist at less three or four dozen times with no results, but after my first Legendary drop, less than two dozen additional tries later, and I suddenly have the infamous Bee shield.

    This is really, really strange.

  65. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Just a quick follow up…I started a data compilation thread about personal Legendary drop rate experiences here:


  66. Darth Nikon Says:

    I’d help, but Psychichazard banned me for replying to the PM he sent about my temp ban; apparently we’re not allowed to follow the rules and talk to mods about moderation in PMs if it rubs the mod the wrong way. It was BCC’d to Chris Faylor, but he doesn’t respond to messages at all, so I doubt he’d do anything about it. XD

  67. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Perhaps patience would be the best course of action here. ChrisF responded to one of my PMs once. It just took him a few days. πŸ™‚

  68. Darth Nikon Says:

    Heh. That’s what I thought back on November 4th when I first sent a message to him, still haven’t even gotten an acknowledgement *that* message was received. πŸ˜€

  69. kratos75 Says:

    Darth Nikon: That psychichazard is a power mad, control freak bully boy, he got me banned as well, every one of those mods are pathetic if you ask me
    And dont expect ChrisF to get back to you either, i sent him no less than 6 emails to protest my ban, as it says to contact them concerning moderation, but he never did

  70. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Sorry to hear that you two got banned. 😦

    Oh well, feel free to keep posting here if you’d like. πŸ™‚

    As for ChrisF, I’ll see if I can ask him about you two.

  71. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Sorry, Duke, but your comments about the Cobra sniper rifle got stuck in my spam box for some reason. o_O

    And you should see the comment that they’ve been making about me after the link to this article was posted. Ooh…Bob the Enzyte Guy equated me with some tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist who lives in a cabin in the woods. Words can hit like a fist…especially those coming from the apathetic forum douche who believes that everyone’s entitled to his opinion. πŸ˜‰

    Say what you want about me, but I think that using the name of a penile enhancement product spokesmascot as your forum handle is indicative of who has the real problems. πŸ™‚

  72. Darth Nikon Says:

    Yeah, Psychichazard leaping into infraction mode on the barest assumption doesn’t surprise me at all. And that’s some EPIC grade-school-level drama they have going on over there. What a waste of time.

    Ah well. PH banned a username for me, but he didn’t really ban *me*. We’ll just let him think so. XD

    @Kratos75: Yeah, I think Chris Faylor is already butthurt that I had the audacity to ask actual journalist questions at him… like, “why do you assert that the graveyard.sav situation was malicious? Do you have evidence for this?”

    I don’t think he’s used to that from the regular PR people he talks to. πŸ˜€

    @Lunar: BtEG always struck me as a creepy GBX shill to begin with, but then using that handle/avatar doesn’t really help that impression. Yeah, that ad campaign was kind of amusing, but you only have to read the wiki page for Enzyte to see the shady history.

  73. Roger Sumners Says:

    So, I just found this while shameless Googlimg myself. I know I’m super late.

    No, I’m not a sock puppet. I created my twitter account shortly after Borderlands 2 launched, in order to swoop up the Golden Keys that are often given away on twitter. It isn’t a site that I use otherwise. I’m pretty sure you’d find hundreds of BL2 gamers who only follow the three accounts that give out shift codes.

    FYI, I think Pritchford’s conduct was pretty crazy too. I just made that response because, well, Shift codes. Really surprised it worked, but at least I got some sweet loot out of it!

  74. kratos75 Says:

    I see they banned DesecratedFlame from the forums
    What a bunch of motherf**kers, ive literally had enough of Gearbox and their shady corrupt tactics

  75. Darth Nikon Says:

    Wait, did Psychichazard actually infract him over this?


    What a wheedling little prick. Now “trivialising racism” in Tommy-boy’s eyes is against the forum rules?

    I also see BobTheEnzyteGuy aka BobTheGBXShill is still spreading the “Gearbox was threatened” story that has no evidence. Which is all the more hilarious given that even if there was a non-laughable threat that Anonymous would come after Gearbox, Pitchford’s response only seems to have been responsible for the creation of the @Pandoramous twitter.

    Thing is, these twits are kicking people off the forums and getting far more damage out on the internet proper where they can’t control the message. They’re only shooting themselves in the foot.

  76. kratos75 Says:

    Those 2 twits are fucking everything up in my opinion as well, and yes it was just because of the “trivialising racism” thing, what a sensitive, stuck up jerk Psychichazard is
    Good call on Bob being a shill, thats absolutely my posistion in who he is as well, its disgusting and downright unethical that Gearbox has a paid shill and sock puppet on their forums
    bunch of assholes the whole lot of them

  77. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I actually got a post from Roger Sumners on this blog. I just need to approve it. Check back in a few days.

  78. Darth Nikon Says:

    Is it a comment to post or ?

  79. Darth Nikon Says:

    Well, that’s plausible enough I suppose.

    In any case, Randy’s created a track record of making an ass of himself on Twitter on the regular, so at least there’s something we can count on. πŸ˜€

  80. Jean-Simon Bolduc (from Productions Multimage Says:

    Hello there!
    Honestly, I am quite happy to be included in a conspiracy theory πŸ™‚ As I myself think that many things in this world are not quite as they seem to be.
    But I must unfortunately debunk that Productions Multimage is related in any way to this thing.
    It was founded in 1997 by my brother and we began creating game for iOS as indie developers in 2011 with our first game King Cashing.
    We are in promotion-mode for our second game, King Cashing 2. So I guess its a good thing that Roger Sumners was following us! Thank you Roger!
    If everything is going fine, we are submitting our game to Apple by monday. Then it’s waiting time for approval.
    Bonne journΓ©e Γ  tous!
    P.S. I found this site with our Google analytics account, which showed people coming from this site to kingcashing.com. Thanks again!

  81. Darth Nikon Says:

    Eh, it doesn’t matter. After this – https://twitter.com/DuvalMagic/status/300035729998897154 – I think it’s safe to say Pitchford is just an upset jerk, with a lot of rabid fanboys willing to scream/tweet/whatever on his behalf, never mind the calmer ones. πŸ˜€

    I got a good laugh out of the Venturebeat article where he essentially confirmed everything I tweeted to him about… and he blocked me for. Truth must really be painful for him.

  82. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Well, as this article hopefully shows, I have some sense of journalistic integrity and responsibility. I may have made a wrong call, but I added updates as notes and neither erased Roger Sumners and Jean-Simon’s posts nor edited my article to make myself look better. πŸ™‚

  83. Video Game Crash in the near future? » Video Game Cove Says:

    […] examples. One of the best examples I can remember is when Randy Pitchford called his customers “E-terrorists”, and other derogatory names, very unbecoming of a CEO of a game development company. Another great […]

  84. shredifier Says:

    what a pathetic joke the gbx forums have become, just got a months ban for “promoting exploits” are they fucking serious?? the whole game is full of exploits like the Evil Smasher glitch and i get a ban because of promoting it????

  85. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Sorry to hear about what happened. But seriously, one of the mods started warning people for “disrespecting Randy”, so what do you really expect when people like that are in charge? x_x

  86. kratos75 Says:

    shredifier a month ban is nothing, i got a 3 month ban for merely agreeing with someone elses post who insulted that sockpuppet heycarnut, a 3 month fucking ban just for agreeing with someone else post! fuck gearbox, fuck PH and and all the dickhead shills, sockpuppets, greasers and fan bois who infest that place

  87. Darth Nikon Says:

    Psychichazard will perma-ban you for disagreeing with him in a private message, entirely outside of the forums. I know he’s that petty, because that’s exactly what he did to me. And Faylor will just ignore it, as I’m pretty sure he’s fine with it.

    The forum exists as nothing more than a promotional tool for the product, anyway. After all, if there’s one thing we’ve seen that Randy Pitchford can’t stand, it’s openness and honesty.

    So we won’t be seeing those things in the forums, and shouldn’t be surprised. It’s a company town.

    (The more I’ve gotten to know Randy Pitchford, the less I’ve liked Borderlands/Gearbox/Pitchford. And I’ve found how much someone likes Pitchford is a good indication of how likely it is I’m not going to like them.)

  88. kratos75 Says:

    yup its more than a promotional tool, its a place where the fucktard elitists roam waiting to pounce on anyone who dares to speak against Pitchford or Gearbox
    the whole place is a joke with completely biased moderators who give out infractions to anyone who dares to speak out against the shills and sockpuppets like heycarnut who seems to be Gearbox’s latest fanboi spokesman
    Anticitizen1 has already felt the wrath of PH and got an infraction for having a very civil and polite discussion with that POS heycarnut, just saw it on the boards…he learnt the hard way, dont say anything negative against the elite jerks on there otherwise you will bring in Psychichazard rushing to protect them, the place is a total farce,
    lost all respect for Pitchford because he is a professional liar
    Most pleasure i get is in modifying my game and getting all the Oranges and legendaries, and fooling around with the Evil Smasher as a big F U to gearbox who cant stop me enjoying my game the way i want, hahahahahaha

  89. shredifier Says:

    Hey Psychichazard i know you sneak in here and read this you piece of shit….you banned me because i exposed you fuckwits on the gearbox forums for being totally biased….whats the matter you faggot did i upset your gaybo pal heycarnut?
    The Gearbox forums are a total joke now with cunts like you banning people for speaking the truth

  90. kratos75 Says:

    Ha! i just got banned for get this, ok you wont believe it, i got perma banned because i apparently “promoted cheating” !!! hey Psychichazard how does it feel to be a total deuche bag and a biased 1 at that. You accuse me of promoting cheating, ROTFLOL!!!, all i did was say that i have other means to get Orange legendaries…..i’m on PC you idiot, its not against the rules you biased prick, you might as well ban Bahroo for admitting openly to using Cheat Engine on your forums and he was the 1 who cheats using Infinite ammo exploits, gun swapping, reload buffs, making OP55 guns etc. Oh i forget! he gets away with it because you 2 are best of mates!!
    I’m glad i’m gone from your f”d up forums as being exposed to the constant brown nosers, fan boys, suck ups and elitists jerks was really getting to me
    I have a clear conscience mate but you will be forever known as the most incompetant and biased moderator the forums have ever seen

  91. Darth Nikon Says:

    People are still playing Borderlands 2 and posting there?

    There’s nothing to be gained from that toxic fanboy environment, no loss.

    Maybe when the all the DLC gets collected in a final torrent grab that, if it’s even worth the bandwidth to you. In the meantime, take a look at Defiance. For all its flaws, it’s only like $10 now, and doesn’t suffer from the online flaws BL2 does. Also a plus: does not contain a plot reliant on dumb jokes. Also does not contain Randy Pitchford.

  92. kratos75 Says:

    There are a few people left on the forums but the numbers are dwindling fast……BL2 has become such a joke especially with the latest patch and idiotic add ons. Randy has killed that game and only the suck ups and fan boys are left now
    Get a load of this, the Over Power levels they introduced are unsoloable for solo players, the mentally deficient DEVS have turned BL2 into multiplay only, *insert facepalm emote*

    I’m laughing my head off them, as my friend had already given me a Torrent version of BL2, it dosent have the DLC though but i will grab it when its available
    Best payback to PH and Randy Pitchford of all is that i use a pirated version of their game πŸ™‚
    Second best payback is that i Gibb myself all the Oranges and legendaries and modded my BAR to ridiculous levels so that i dont get 1 shotted anymore Hahahahahaha
    Who’s laughing now dickwads!! lol

  93. Darth Nikon Says:

    Better, just never buy a Gearbox game ever again… and don’t pirate it until well after the discount date. Pirating it only helps spread the game around and increase sales, really, so only do it after they’ve marked it down at least.

  94. kratos75 Says:

    dont worry i intend NEVER to buy any Gearbox game ever again
    the incompetent DEVS f’d up Borderlands 2 so badly its a laughing joke in the gaming community with its pathetic uneven scaling and bugs that wreaked characters like Maya’s skill trees
    those incompetent DEVS actually admitted that they made pistols pathetically weak on purpose in the latest forum news item…….can you believe that nonsense?, they nerfed all pistols deliberately, *insert facepalm emote*
    Yeah i’m going to wait a bit before i download a pirate version as i dont want to contribute to GBX getting any sales from me, and in the mean time i’,m enjoying modding my game to the max and that power mad, control freak, suck up, brown nosing, fan boy Psychichazard cant do a thing about it πŸ™‚

  95. shredifier Says:

    hey kratos did it take you that long to realise what a fuckwit Psychichazard is?
    i told you before, that the GBX forums are nothing but a promotional tool for that lying scum bag Pitchford and PH is a biased brown noser who has a vested interest in sticking to the status quo and defending the elitists pricks who infest that site
    that piece of shit banned me for the same bullshit reason as he banned you, but its a bunch of baloney, they just cant stand reactionaries like you who tell the truth about the lying corrupt practices from GBX and how much BL2 is a total joke
    I see Bahroo, helsabot, heycarnut, nickinfidel and the rest of the elitists pricks can talk about modding and glitching and even upload vids with him promoting the gun merging glitch and PH turns a blind eye because they are gaybo’s….why put up with that shit, just get the hell away from that place, its too corrupt

  96. kratos75 Says:

    shredifier heres some more proof: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=333631&page=30

    If you check this thread out you will clearly see Black Heart promoting an exploit and a glitch but since he is an elitist/gbx supporter that biased mod Psychichazrad wont give him an infraction but instead just turns a blind eye….also Bahroo is clearly promoting the gun merging glitch in another thread, do you think he will get in trouble? nope! him and PH just have a good ole laugh together
    I just wish that something can be done about the blatant bias shown on the gbx forums

  97. kratos75 Says:

    Awesome! banned again, lol

    Do you really think you can stop me Psychichazard?
    i will keep making multiple accounts and keep exposing you as an elitist tool and a shill, and what a piece of garbage the GBX forums are……and by the way i dont hate “this place” at all, i cant stand YOU as you are a corrupt, biased and hypocritical moderator that is hell bent on kissing GBX’s proverbial behind whilst protecting all the elitist pricks who run that place
    But dont worry i get my revenge by modding BL2 and laughing at all you idiots because theres not a thing you can do to stop me!!
    I modded my BAR so that i have 3,500 in health and shields, my fire rate is 150%, my gun damage is at 300%, i dupe and Gibb all my Oranges and Legendaries, i modded my game so that Oranges pop out of every locker and enemy killed instead of putting up with the GARBAGE DROP RATES
    Bye bye losers!!! πŸ™‚

  98. shredifier Says:

    that lying scumbag Psychichazard just banned me for having a signature violation!………..listen here you filthy LIAR i didnt have a signature and you know it,….. and then you went and removed my comment to cover your tracks…..what a despicable devious and nasty piece of filth you are…….you couldnt find a legit reason to ban me so you lied and made up an excuse and then covered your tracks, you’re so pathetic and theres no way someone as biased as you should be a moderator, but dont worry karma will get you PH it always does

  99. Lunar Archivist Says:

    Man, maybe I should start my own anti-Gearbox forums considering how many people post here… πŸ™‚

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