Costume Hijinks – Part 5

If anyone remembers Syndrome and Dollar Bill’s fates in The Incredibles and Watchmen, respectively – or even Edna Mode’s extended diatribe in the former – you’d come to the conclusion that wearing a capes is a very bad idea when it comes to superhero and supervillain costumes. So why do so many members of the spandex crowd wear them? Well, according to Empowered, you may as well chalk this one up to insecurity and body image issues.

I wonder if J-Lo and Kim Kardashian wear capes in the Empowered Universe?

While the above panel from Empowered – Volume 1 (March 2007) by Adam Warren answers half of the question, it just calls more attention to the unanswered half: namely why so many male superheroes and supervillains wear capes. Perhaps the world will never know.

Special thanks to Skadi the Slamazon of Stuporheroes for inspiring this blog post with one of her own. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Costume Hijinks – Part 5”

  1. Skadi The Slamazon Says:

    So….Batman is just covering his ass? I unno, I played Arkham Ayslum and it kinda keep gitching to show it off. I think he wants people to look.

  2. Lunar Archivist Says:

    The above explanation only counts for female superheroes and supervillains apparently. No idea about the male ones.

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