The Weird Wide Web – Part 3

Looks like someone‘s about to put John Gabriel’s “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory” to the ultimate test.

Congratulations. You’ve just been trolled by the goddamn Batman.

This exploration of the online disinhibition effect courtesy of Batman Incorporated #6 (June 2011) by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham.

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4 Responses to “The Weird Wide Web – Part 3”

  1. Skadi The Slamazon Says:

    This is one of my favor freaking panels from Batman Inc. Mostly because it makes Batman a freaking Troll.

  2. Skadi The Slamazon Says:

    I also love how it is called a chatroom, when it is clearly a forum site.

  3. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I noticed that as well. It’s not only a forum, but what Batman says he typed in no way matches the post made by “Madhunter303”.

  4. Skadi The Slamazon Says:

    I assume he just kept on fighting with himself on the internet while they were talking.

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