The Fall of James Franklin Hyneman

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March 30, 2012. A day that will go down in infamy.

Chuck Norris is next on her list.

This latest sign of the impending apocalypse courtesy of MythBusters: The Behind the Myths Tour.

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3 Responses to “The Fall of James Franklin Hyneman”

  1. lauren Says:

    hey do you have any other pictures from the show? like any from when the two guys went up on the bikes? my dad was one of them and wants a picture. 😛

  2. lauren Says:

    if you have any, let me know. 😛

  3. Lunar Archivist Says:

    I’ll be leaving this response on my blog as well as sending it to your e-mail, so you’ll hopefully be getting your answer one way or another. 🙂

    Unfortunately, while I do have a few pictures from the show, I regret to inform you that none of them are from the bicycle scene you mentioned. That’s entirely due to a contradiction in the pre-show instructions the audience was given: the pre-recorded clip from Jamie Hyneman that aired before the show stated that no flash photography was allowed, but that cell phone pictures were okay while the Place-des-Arts audio warning stated that picture taking of any kind was prohibited during the performance, so I erred on the side of caution and only took a handful of pictures to avoid having my camera confiscated. 😦

    Still, it’s pretty cool that your dad got to meet them in person! 😀

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