Comic Book Sexual Innuendo – Part 22

Ever since Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 came out a weeks ago and perfectly demonstrated just how progressive the creative minds at DC Comics are by transforming Starfire into an emotionless nymphomaniac space bimbo, I’ve seen the following panel from The New Teen Titans #18 (March 1986) making the rounds:

I think she's trying to tell me something. I just wish I could figure out what.

Now, I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but the panel in question – which I believe originated at Comics Cavern, though I’m really not 100% certain – is doctored. And here’s the proof:

The photoshopped panel (left) and the original panel from "The New Teen Titans" #18 (right).

So, here’s a message for all you would-be Internet humorists and character assassins out there: stop using this fake panel to drag Starfire’s name through the mud. Scott Lobdell’s doing a perfectly adequate job of that on his own and doesn’t need your damn help. If, for some perverse reason, you find the temptation impossible to resist, however, then use this real panel from The New Teen Titans #39 (January 1988) instead:

Look upon what Scott Lobdell's retcon has wrought and tremble in despair.

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