The Universal Translator – JSA All-Stars #16 (May 2011)

Today’s translation topic, courtesy of JSA All-Stars #16 (May 2011) by Matthew Sturges and Freddie Williams II, will be short and sweet:

You know, I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep through that history class, as hearing about something like that would actually have been exciting...

Considering how earth-shattering an event the attack of giant stone creatures summoned by Magical Neo-Luddites is, the 18th century Germans sure picked a boring name for it for posterity: “Ungeheuerangriff” translates as the somewhat mundane “Monster Attack”. Perhaps they simply lacked imagination…or anything remotely similar to compare it to.

On a side note, since “Angriff” is masculine, it should actually be “Der Ungeheuerangriff” and notDas Ungeheuerangriff”.

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