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The Milk of Human Kindness Comes in Saucers…


Even though a really gifted actor or actress can breathe life into just about any character that he or she plays, there comes a point where no amount of talent can possibly compensate for hopelessly miscast roles. Sorry, Hollywood, but I just can’t picture Will Smith as Superman. Also, the idea of John Wayne as Genghis Khan didn’t really work for anyone, either (the Duke’s enthusiasm for the part notwithstanding).

While I’d hardly consider myself a speciesist, even I must admit that having the eternally optimistic, cheerful catwoman Felicia play the role of Lady Macbeth seems equally out of place…

"Letting 'I dare not' wait upon 'I would', Like the poor cat i' the adage."

Today’s species-blind casting call courtesy of Darkstalkers #3 (January 2005) by Ken Sio-Chong, Kevin Lau, Alvin Lee, Scott Hepburn, and Joe Madureira.

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